Shopbots visitors arrive in a pretty specific frame of mind. They’re looking for a product, and want to find the best quality/delivery/reliability ratio out there. They want the cheapest product, with the fastest delivery time and the highest possible reliability—in terms of payment portal, customer service testimonials and feedback etc…).

These visitors are therefore in a mindset that means they’re looking for an efficient option. They’re not looking for a “cool” site, nor do they care about an attractive concept; they simply want what they’re looking for. If they leave the site without buying, there is therefore a good chance they’re heading over to another site to find what they’re looking for. It’s at that moment that it’s pertinent to provide them with a personalized pop-up message. For example, you could use a message such as: “If you find it cheaper elsewhere, we’ll refund the difference!” Or: “If you’re looking for a product you couldn’t find, please contact our customer service desk.”

Whatever message you use in your pop-up, it should have the effect of completing the visitors experience on your site, rather than having them leave disappointed because they didn’t find what they were looking for. The first will leave them with a positive memory of their experience; the latter, a negative one. You know which one you want!