With 3 millions pop ups displayed last month, we enjoy a great overview of the pop up landscape: why do websites use pop ups, what converts the best, etc. So let’s share some insights here that will be useful when you will create your next pop up campaign:

1. Run (a lot of) pop up campaigns:

Customers with the highest impact have this in common: they run many different campaigns. First of all, they create a new pop up every time they need to promote something important (a coupon, an event, etc.). Second, they try new ideas all the time. No secret, this is the best way to reach the perfect formula for converting your – unique – audience.

2. Make it simple

That’s obvious: clear, lean pop ups convert better. A visitor will spend ~1 second looking at your pop up. Too much content? Closed. Too many call to actions? Closed. Wordy message? Closed. On the contrary, a clear message, with a clear call to action and a light (but elegant) design converts. Many customers ask us to help in design (which is something we do cause we love it) and 80% of the times we just clean the pop up: less words, less design, only one button, etc. That’s how we can reach 10% CTR… :)

3. Secret Sauce

Well, this may sound basic, but it has a huge impact. A pop up will convert better if has exaclty the same design as your website. Our understanding is that when a pop up has a design that differs from your website, it perturbates the visitors, and they are more inclined to close the pop up. On the opposite, if the pop up design exaclty fits with your website’s, visitors will take attention. This results in conversions. To easily do this, start by picking up the exact colors of your website, and stay consistent with the design (round corners, thin borders, etc.)

Next time we’ll share some tips on targeting.