Looking for some new campaigns to increase conversions on your website? Here are a few proven ways to optimize your performances with targeted pop-ups:

  1. Popup an immediate welcome message to new visitors. If you don’t already do this, it’s time to start. The pitch is simple: visitors come on your website every day, you want to have to make sure you capture as many emails as possible. Such campaign might increase your conversions by up to 400% so definitely worth a try.
  2. Popup a last time offer to visitors about to leave your website (exit pop-up). Prompt an attractive message to visitors when they leave your website. Last chance to convert, it works well too and you have nothing to lose!
  3. Popup your big events or hot topics to visitors who land on your product pages. Why? Because most of the traffic do not land on the homepage, so only a few share of your visitors can be aware of what’s important on your website right now. Displaying a pop up to all of those who do not land on your homepage is a great way to increase the visibility of your on going campaigns.
  4. Popup newsletter sign-up invite to visitors coming from Google Adwords. Adwords visitors probably are those who cost you the most – by capturing their emails you will simply increase the ROI fo your campaigns.
  5. Popup a super reward coupon to visitors who came on your website more than 4 times this month. You should reward your most loyal visitors, and not only focus on new ones. Rewarding repeated visits on your site is a great experience for your customers.

Try yours on WisePops, and come back to share your results!