You know pop-ups help convert visitors into subscribers, but great writing in those pops-ups can take you from ho-hum conversion rates to stellar conversion rates in no time. Great copywriting in a small space can be a challenge, but with these 5 tips you can clean up your copy and get it working for you.

Tip 1: Benefits, benefits, benefits.

A pop-up is not the place to launch into details of your products features. You want to succinctly state why forking over their email address will benefit your reader. It’s not about your product and why it’s so great, it’s about your customer and how to make their lives or their business even better.

Let’s look at an example of good and bad copy in a newsletter sign-up:


Free Marketing Guide!

Get 50 smart marketing tips when you sign up for our mailing list.

Not this:

Sign up for our mailing list, you’ll love it!

Tip 2: Less is more.

You’ve heard the old adage, but nothing could be truer for pop-ups. In just a few seconds, you want readers to glean enough information to feel right about signing up to hear more from you. If the pop-up is crowded with too many words, readers are going to look for the little ‘x’ is quickly as possible.

Here’s an example for a pop-up that welcomes traffic from a specific source:


Special Welcome for Facebook Users: 20% off your first order. Use code FB20 at checkout.

Not this:

Thanks for visiting from Facebook! We appreciate our new customers and would like to offer you 20% off your first purchase. Please use coupon code FB20 at checkout.

Tip 3: Provide metrics.

How many subscribers is this reader joining? How much time can they save from the services you offer? Money? Including metrics makes your copy more concrete and compelling.

Let’s look at how this works in a promotion pop-up:


Join 25,000 Entrepreneurs in learning this time-saving technique

30% our flagship productivity course

Join now.

Not this:

Sign up and save 30% on our productivity course.

Tip 4: Be direct, not cute or wishy-washy.

Don’t try to be cutesy, make referential jokes or play on cliches. Your customer doesn’t have time for that. Be direct. Don’t make your pop-up language into a riddle.

Let’s see how to welcome a repeat visitor, then how not to:


Great to see you again! Take 15% your next purchase. Use code: repeat15

Not this:

Gee, thanks for stopping by again! We noticed you’ve been by here a few times and we want to thank you. Please take 15% off your next purchase of $25 or more. Our treat.

Tip 5: Leverage Power Words

Pop-ups are not the place for bland and banal language. It’s well acknowledged by great copywriters that certain words have more power and influence than others. Words like “Free, instant, guaranteed, proven, confidential” are action motivators. Use them.

Here’s an example of power words versus weak words for an exit pop-up:


Free instant download to skyrocket your productivity. Sign up now!

Not this:

Sign up right away and download our ebook to increase productivity.

Now is the time to take a look at the existing copy in your pop-ups and see if you can apply these tips to make your pop-ups shine — and convert.

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