What makes Wisepops stand out from the rest of the popup world? The answer is plenty, but a main feature is our highly strategic and intuitive backend options for popup display.

“Advanced Display Scenarios” sounds like a fancy term, but it’s quite simple; it refers to the choices for how, when, and to whom your popup appears on your website. These settings are important because they help to fulfill your overall goals for your popup more effectively.

For example, if your goal is to collect email addresses to build your mailing list, your popup strategy will differ from someone who’s offering a coupon code to entice customers to buy.


Our Display Scenario editor has six options:

– On landing

Your popup appears immediately when a visitor comes to your page.

-On exit

When a user’s cursor reaches the top pixel of your page, your popup shows before they click “x,” hit the back button, or type in a new URL.

-On link click

Your popup displays when a visitor clicks on a specified link.

-After __ pages

After a user visits a specified number of pages on your website, your popup shows.

-After scrolling __% of page

Your visitors see your popup once they’ve scrolled a certain portion of your page.

-On element hover

If your user’s cursor hovers over a specified page element (like a banner, image, or contact form), your popup appears to encourage action.


Different Display Scenarios


To make these display scenarios advanced, however, you can also customize them further with the following options:

-Where on your page your popup should appear

Do you want it to appear in the bottom right corner to minimize distraction from their shopping experience, or do you want it front and center?

-Delays and frequency of popup

You can give your visitors a few seconds to absorb your page before launching your “on landing” popup, and you can determine whether it should appear every single time or alternate between visits.

-Effects and position

Want your site’s background to turn grey (or your logo’s color) to make your popup stand out? Want to position your popup very specifically? You have full design control.  

The Bottom Line

While “Advanced Display Scenarios” sounds extremely technical, they’re one of Wisepops’ best features. Our customizable popups are based on your business goals, making them an incredible asset to bring in new leads, build customer loyalty, increase profit, and improve user experience.

Ready to go advanced? Try Wisepops now with our 14-day free trial.