Boasting 12 million customers, in just a few years MailChimp has become the number 1 emailing solution. Most users praise its usability and design options.
But what’s the point of such a good emailing tool if you have no one to send your email to? Of course, you can embed the classic MailChimp form in your website footer and wait for your visitors to scroll down and leave their email. You can also automatically include your new clients. But what about the new visitors? Those who you don’t yet know? Or the visitors who made a purchase but never agreed to receive marketing emails?

That’s when MailChimp popups come into play. They allow you to catch visitors while they’re still on your website. And with an appropriate message and good targeting, the results can prove to be very impressive. On average our customers report a 270% increase in signups.

Craft the perfect MailChimp popup


Start by picking the right headline. It will be key to getting your visitor’s attention.
In short:

  • Make sure it highlights a benefit of subscribing to your newsletter
  • Use power words to make it more appealing
  • Keep it short, its aim is to drive your user’s attention to the popup in itself

You can also draw inspiration from the 6 popup headline formulas we shared earlier.


Once your headline is ready, let’s focus on your optin popup main content:

  • Make sure it’s easy and quick to understand
  • Detail the benefits of subscribing (“exclusive offers”, “10% off your next order”, etc)
  • Use words which reflect your brand’s tone of voice

If you want to take it further, you can read our 8 tips to write popup copy that convert.


Last step? Popup design.
Here are a few tips for a successful design:

  • Prepare two designs, one for mobile and the second for tablets and desktops. It will display better on each type of device and will prevent an SEO penalty.
  • Work on a design that matches your website style and your brand. The visitor must feel like the popup is part of the navigation experience.
  • Pick visuals which are coherent with your message

Prepare your target


First, pick the right trigger. After analyzing the results of 50,000+ of our clients’ pop-up campaigns, we recommend displaying your popup when your visitors are about to leave your website. On average exit popups outperform landing popups by +5%.
On touch devices (where the exit trigger is not available), we recommend displaying your popup on the landing page (if it doesn’t prevent your users from seeing your main content) or on the second viewed page if you want to display a full-size popup.


Then, refine your audience.


Here are some targeting elements to consider to help you optimize your popup performance:

  • Display the right popup on the right device: use that option to make sure you don’t display the same campaign to desktop/tablet visitors and mobile visitors.
  • Play it local: target your popup to the right country/region to make sure your copy matches the local language and/or to send your subscribers to the right MailChimp list
  • Fit in your visitor’s path: adapt your copy to the traffic source to increase its relevance. It works especially well on affiliate visits (ex: “Hi Vogue reader, here’s an exclusive offer”…)

Configure MailChimp

Configuring MailChimp

Get ready to roll!

Once your campaign is ready, we need to configure MailChimp properly.
Tip #1: send your subscribers to the right list. MailChimp provides many options to categorize your list (tags, groups, categories…) so we recommend picking the highest possible level. You can refine your list later on before sending your campaign.

Tip #2: set up a welcome email. Once your visitors sign up you should send them a welcome email. This email is a good opportunity to:

  • Share a welcome coupon if you advertised one in your opt-in popup
  • Drive your visitors back to your store:  to do so, it can be as simple as adding links to your main website categories. Or featuring your best sellers.
  • Reinforce your branding: the welcome email can also be a good opportunity to communicate on your brand’s story or on your main services (free returns, money-back guarantees, etc.)

Here’s how to do it.

Tip #3: set up a notification e-mail. MailChimp sends you a notification each time someone subscribes to your list. This is especially useful when you prefer sending a manual email to new subscribers or simply if you want to keep track of your subscriber base growth. Here’s how to do it.


MailChimp x WisePops

Combine the most advanced popup platform with your MailChimp account:

  • Easily design unique and beautiful pop-ups which match your brand identity.
  • Reach the perfect audience for your campaigns with advanced display scenarios.
  • Track the impact of your campaign on your sales and revenue
  • Zero setup, one-click integration with MailChimp.

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  • Greg d'Aboville