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5 high converting popup display scenarios

Creating a high converting popup takes three steps: 1) the content, 2) the design, and 3) the display scenario – this is when is your popup displayed on your site.  Today we are sharing with you 5 display scenarios for your popups that has proven to reach high conversion rates.

1. Immediately welcome your new visitors. Set your popup to display to all new visitors, immediately after landing on your site. This will be the cover page of your site, the first thing visitors will see. Two great advantages: 1) you can display a very clear welcome message and test it (much easier than doing this on your frontpage) and 2) it is a good time to get visitors signup (before entering, …).
2. Reward repeat visitors. Set your popup to display to returning visitors, that have been on your site more than 3 times the past week. Those are highly interested customers and with a right message you can get strong conversion rates, even if on a smaller batch of visitors.
3. Target Sponsored links visitors. To make this short: you pay so much in sponsored links that you want to make sure any visitors landing from this trafic source will have an opportunity to easily drop an email for you to contact back.
4. Exit popup. Set your popup to display not when visitors land on your site, but when they are about to leave. Consider this as a great opportunity to have one last chance to convert them. Test a message like: “before you leave, are you sure you don’t want to …..”. Scenario with no risk & good results.
5. Strategic content. Set your popup to display on a page that you know raise great interest from your visitors. You can them custom the message like “if you have liked (…), we have more to come – stay tuned”
Feel free to test those display scenarios for your popup, and to share results. Do you have other high converting tips with popups?

Benjamin Cahen Experienced entrepreneur, Ex-Amazon, Ex-VC, Ben is founder & CEO at Wisepops.

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