7 Abandoned Cart Email Examples that Recover Sales

Looking for some abandoned cart email examples to win back customers?

In this post, we’re sharing seven examples and tips to help you improve your car recovery strategy. Also, you’ll see how big ecommerce stores apply these tips to make customers come back and finish purchases.

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What is an abandoned cart email?

Have you ever received a personalized brand email after abandoning your shopping cart?

If so, chances are that it was an abandoned cart email. Why? It is a follow-up email sent to a website visitor who has added items to the shopping cart, started the checkout process, and then left the site without buying. The aim of this email is to take visitors back to their carts and convince them to complete a purchase.

For e-commerce brands, it’s a great opportunity to boost sales. However, it’s important to know why people have left their carts first and how to connect with them. If you have their emails, that’s great. If not, you can create an email popup to collect first-time visitors’ emails.

Want to know the best part? About 34% of shoppers claim they abandon carts because they were just browsing. What is more, most visitors will not purchase on their first visit.

Focus on the product

When sending abandoned cart emails, it should get readers straight to the point: remind where they were shopping and include a photo of the product they left. When done right, your email can persuade cart-abandoners to come back to the website and complete a purchase.

Moreover, keeping a focus on the abandoned item, you can provide more information about it and capture buyers’ attention. Let’s take a look at an example of this strategy from J.Crew:

An abandoned cart email sent by J Crew

With a simple design, this abandoned cart email example has a large image of the product and a short description which can reinforce customers’ decision to complete the sale. Since this email looks as a kind reminder, it has great chances to convert abandoners into shoppers.

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Show the complete look

There are many ways to remind customers about the things they have left in their shopping bags, and providing the total look is one of them. Having a total look of abandoned products could really help customers understand what they can get with the purchase.

When it comes to email marketing, you can use lookbook images to help potential customers browse a look and buy an item. Since modern customers want to buy solutions, not products, it’s no secret that lifestyle photography helps e-commerce brands increase sales.

Here’s how MadeWell reminds about abandoned products:

MadeWell's cart abandonment email

With a short and simple phrase “great choices, by the way”, the abandoned cart email example also includes the positive reinforcement that plays up to buyers’ vanity, and therefore encourages them to make the purchase decision.

Share a special offer

Who else wants to save money when shopping online?

For most customers, finding the best deals is crucial before making a purchase decision. And if you want to take customers back to your website, you should share a special offer that helps to save money.

For example, Bare Minerals offers a 20% discount for buyers when they spend over £40 on the next order:
Bare Minerals' email including a coupon

Since 90% of customers claim they use coupons, this type of abandoned cart email example not only encourages recipients to come back, but it also induces them to spend more.

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Put items on sale

Most shoppers browse different websites to find the best offers. About 46% of shoppers leave their shopping carts when a discount code doesn’t work. This means people crave for discounts, so putting items on sale is a great way to take your visitors back to their shopping carts.

Check out how Levi’s did it:

Levi's abandonment email featuring items on sale

When sending an abandoned cart email that reminds about the items your visitors has looked through, add images of these products and show the price difference. This way, they can understand why your offer is worth taking asap.

Popups are another great way to share discounts with shoppers. OverstockArt shares a discount coupon with a popup and generates 1,000+ leads every month.

Find more details: OverstockArt Lead Generation Story

Show alternative options

It’s in our nature to crave for options: Psychologist Barry Schwartz claims that having options makes us feel more in control, and therefore we come to a decision faster. Based on visitors’ browsing history, it’s easy for e-commerce brands to understand their needs and wants better and offer alternative options that may interest your potential customers and convince them to complete a purchase.

For example, an e-commerce agency RedRokk sends a photo of the abandoned product as a reminder and offers alternative options for buyers who have left their shopping carts:

An email sent by RedRokk featuring alternative products

With a great variety of products on the web, it can be difficult for potential customers to make the final purchase decision. However, once they have found appealing, e-commerce companies can offer alternative products that may also interest the target customer to help him or her find the desired product faster.

Intrigue prospects

Humans are innately curious creatures. Thus, reveal marketing gives great results, and e-commerce brands can increase sales when sparking curiosity.

When it comes to abandoned cart emails, most companies include an image of a product as a reminder. However, American Eagle intrigues recipients to convince them to take action and uncover a hidden message. Here’s an example of their email:

American Eagle's abandoned cart email

If your goal is to take users back to your site, this strategy can work well for you: Since people may have forgotten about the products, they start wondering what it could be, so they are more likely to visit your site to find out more.

Offer assistance

No matter how good your product is, this means nothing if the checkout process is too hard for potential customers to understand. According to Moosend, 28% of shoppers leave their shopping carts if the checkout process is too long and/or complicated. This means your potential customers may need assistance.

And Net-a-Porter knows it well. Thus, the company not only reminds people about the abandoned items but it also provides customer support via live chat, phone calls, and email. What is more, the international company speaks 22 languages which makes it easier for abroad customers to discuss their worries and concerns:
Net-a-Porter's abandoned cart email

Offering several contact options is a great way to take care of your website visitors and improve the customer journey. Once you help customers get their questions answered, they are more likely to trust your website, and therefore come back to the site to complete the purchase.

The anatomy of a perfect abandoned cart email

With the great number of emails people send and receive daily, it’s easy to get buried in the inbox. Thus, sending an email doesn’t guarantee to get results.

Before launching an abandoned cart email campaign, make sure you know the anatomy of a perfect email that convinces readers to come back to their shopping carts and complete a purchase.

Key elements of a perfect abandoned cart email:

  • Eye-catching subject line: The most important element of your email is the subject line as it helps recipients decide whether your email can interest them or not. Thus, the subject line should be short, intriguing, and creative.
  • Remarkable visuals: People are visual creatures, so using images in your email marketing campaign is another proven way to convince your recipients to learn more about the offer. Try using a responsive email editor to add the images you’d like to see in your campaign.. Today, users love lifestyle images that hint at what customers can get with your product.
  • In-time offer: Most marketers believe that the sense of urgency helps to drive e-commerce sales, so your offer should be in-time. Thus, make sure your potential customers get a reminder about abandoned items within one hour after leaving the cart.
  • Personalized body copy: One of the biggest marketing trends is personalization. Since people want to get unique offers, it’s important to tailor emails to individuals (add their names, show that you know their preferences, etc.).
  • CTA button: If you add a persuasive CTA to your email, you help your potential customers take the desired action faster as it instructs the recipient on what to do after reading your email.
  • Contact info: No matter how good your product is, your customers may still have questions about it. To increase sales, it’s important to make sure your website visitor has answers to all questions about the products.

Here’s my favorite abandoned cart email example from ASOS:

With a simple and stylish email design, ASOS grabs readers’ attention, keeps a message short and sweet, and uses potential customers’ emotions to take them back to the site.


It’s scientifically proven that emotions drive decision-making, so customers are more likely to complete a purchase.

Abandoned cart email examples: Summary

Today, more and more people opt for shopping online. If you have interested website visitors in your products, that’s great. And if you’ve convinced them to complete a purchase, that’s even better.

Looking for the best deals, potential customers often leave their shopping carts without completing a purchase. For marketers, this means that they have to put time and effort to take visitors back to the website, and abandoned cart emails can help a lot. Thus, don’t miss a chance to grow your revenue with the above-mentioned tips for abandoned cart email examples.

Greg D'Aboville Greg is Head of Growth at Wisepops.

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