High-converting Email and Exit Popups for ActiveCampaign

Looking to skyrocket your lead generation efforts?

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Wisepops helps you create popup forms that convert on average  4% of website visitors into email and SMS leads.

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Email Popup Templates


Powerful pop-up builder

Create professional-looking modals and pop-ups in just a few clicks using our drag and drop builder, all without writing a single line of code. Lightbox popups? Mobile popups? Slide-ins? They’re all a few clicks away.

Reach the right visitors at the right time

Timing is crucial in any lead generation strategy. Ask for an email too early, and your visitors will simply ignore your message. Ask too late and they might already have left! Wisepops arms you with more than thirty targeting options that help you reach your visitors with the right message at the perfect time. Collecting SMS and email leads has never been easier.

Send your new leads to ActiveCampaign in real-time

Your new leads are synchronized with ActiveCampaign in a matter of seconds meaning that your new subscribers will never have to wait to receive your welcome offer. And it doesn’t stop there. Using Wisepops, you can create advanced pop-up forms that help you create rich contact profiles. Asking for a birth date, a first name or preferences is a breeze.


Forget pop-ups that look broken on mobile devices. We allow you to create pop-ups adapted to all devices, from large desktops to small phones. We also offer the most reliable mobile exit intent detection algorithm available on the market. Creating an offer for your mobile visitors who are about to leave takes only a few clicks.

Compatible with all CMS

Whether you run an e-commerce store, a WordPress website or a personal website, setting up Wisepops takes less than a minute. And you won’t have to rely on your developers.

hare all kinds of messages

Wisepops can help you build a massive email list. But there is more.
Our tool lets you create and publish promo pop-ups, onboarding messages, pop-up surveys or even simple banners. Engaging your visitors with personal messages is dead simple.

CCPA & GDPR ready

Our tool has been approved for use in accordance with the CCPA and GDPR legislations. We also follow stricter security standards.


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