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shopify success stories
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10 Brilliant Shopify Success Stories [+Tips for Entrepreneurs]

“Are there any Shopify success stories?” “Can you really make money with a Shopify store?” Many entrepreneurs ask these questions. It’s okay to be skeptical: ecommerce is hard, and most online stores fail. But here’s the truth: Many people have succeeded on Shopify. Their stores are generating tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars in […]

Add popups to Shopify sites
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How to Add a Popup on Shopify

Why add popups to a Shopify store? It’s simple. You can achieve a lot of goals, like: Converting up to 10% of traffic Generating more leads Driving traffic to pages with sales Sounds good? If yes, let’s see how to add a popup on Shopify. Go to content sections: Types of Shopify popups How to […]

Add popups to Wix sites
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How to Add a Popup on Wix: Simple Guide

Want to add a popup on Wix? That’s a great decision. Popups are great for lead generation, sales, and marketing. They can really help your business grow by providing a steady source of leads. Here, you’ll learn how to add a popup on Wix easily and for free. Let’s begin! Why add popups to Wix? […]

Brands thinking differently
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Ethical Marketing Done Right: 11 Examples of Brands Thinking Differently

Ethical marketing might seem like a contradictory concept at first. Yet, there are plenty of ethical marketing examples around. Indeed, many bright minds have studied the relationship between “doing the right thing” and making profits, often with a little consensus reached. But it’s the opinion of consumers that really matters here. More and more customers […]

Product Descriptions
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How to Write Product Descriptions [+16 Examples]

Want to write great product descriptions? Think of them like 24/7 salespeople at your online store. Just like real salespeople, they can make or break your business. So, they need to be sharp with a great sales pitch. That’s what you’re going to learn here. I’ll teach you to write great product descriptions and show […]