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Guide to popups
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What is a popup? A simple guide to everything

“Pop-ups, by definition, are bad for user experience.” You’ve heard this one before, right? Indeed, for some, a popup is an annoying window that interrupts the browsing experience. For others, it’s where they get discounts and other perks while shopping. On top of that, there’s even some confusion over the spelling of the word (“popup” […]

Lead magnets
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20 Eye-Catching Lead Magnet Examples [+Tutorial]

A lead magnet isn’t something you can put on your fridge. This tool has a different kind of attraction: the ability to convert your website visitors into quality leads. That’s why most online businesses create lead magnets to grow their email lists. In this guide, you’ll see 20 brilliant lead magnet examples from successful businesses […]

best popup software cover 2021
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10+ Best Popup Builder Software in 2022 [+Tips]

Popup builder software is a proven way to get leads, sales, emails, and customer feedback. Sounds like something you could use, right? But most app stores are full of popup software apps and choosing is not easy. That’s why this guide has tips to help you pick a popup builder app. Click to jump to […]

black friday popups ideas
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Black Friday ecommerce strategy: 13 tips & ideas

Black Friday is an annual shopping event that businesses and customers all over the world eagerly anticipate. It’s a time for discounts, deals, and increased transaction values.   But that’s only one side of the story. In 2020, Black Friday generated $188.2 billion in revenue (Adobe Shopping Insights). For many brands, Black Friday and Cyber Monday […]

Black Friday popup
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10 Black Friday Marketing Strategies to Get a Week’s Worth of Sales

You’ve surely come across countless Black Friday marketing strategies before you got here. So, you need only tried-and-tested ones. So, let me say right off the bat: The strategies here are based on the answers shoppers have given to that million-dollar question: “What makes you buy on Black Friday?”. So we’re going to focus on […]

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Ecommerce Copywriting: 12 Tips to Boost Sales [+Examples]

Want to know how to write ecommerce copy that gets conversions? We’ve all been there. Writing copy for ecommerce is both art and science. Here, you’ll find 12 ecommerce copywriting tips from successful stores to help you hone your own texts. These tips worked wonders for them, so there’s every chance they could work for […]

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7 Must-Have Marketing Campaigns & Strategies for Every Ecommerce in 2022

Looking for marketing advice? You might have different goals, like increasing sales, getting more email subscribers, reducing shopping cart abandonment, building a certain brand image, you name it. However you define “success” with marketing, learning from veteran marketers always makes sense. Those are the people who’ve done it. They help folks like you to achieve […]

DNVB guide
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Digitally Native Vertical Brands (DNVBs): Guide + Examples

So… What is a digitally native vertical brand (DNVB)? This question has crossed many folks’ minds recently. Although DNVBs are gaining momentum in online retail, most people don’t know the meaning of DNVB or how they differ from traditional brands. You’re about to find out the answer and discover why this business model is winning […]