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21 Sales Promotion Examples to Increase Your Sales

Attractive sales promotions to engage customers. This is must-have part of any successful online business strategy. Knowing how to create compelling, creative, and engaging sales promotions can make a difference for any business. If you’re here to see how successful businesses promote sales, we’ve got an impressive list of sales promotion examples for you. Jump […]

blume case study
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How Blume converts desktop and mobile visitors with Wisepops

Summary Higher-than-average popup CVR: 5% Effective way to engage a specific audience: new visitors More awareness of special deals and flash sales Goals 🎯 Build email & SMS list🎯 Convert first-time website visitors🎯 Improve results of time-limited website sales Solutions ✅ Ran desktop and mobile campaigns with the first-time customer offer✅ Used visitor segmentation to […]

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Popup Statistics: Wisepops Research [513M Displays]

It’s been a wild ride for popups. Although many folks think of them as unnecessary, popups continue to be one of the most effective ways to convert website visitors. They help build email lists, sell with discounts, recover abandoned carts, drive traffic to sales, and do other things. We know because we scanned 513+ million […]

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25 Gorgeous Popup Design Examples [Inspiration]

Website popups can help build email lists, promote sales, and do other things. Given that they’re relevant and good-looking, of course. Let’s talk about popup design. Below, you’ll learn how to create high-converting and beautiful popup designs and see plenty of gorgeous examples. In this post: Elements of website popup designs Popup design examples What […]

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10 Black Friday Marketing Strategies to Get a Week’s Worth of Sales

You’ve surely come across countless Black Friday marketing strategies before you got here. So, let me say right off the bat: The strategies here are based on the answers given to that million-dollar question: “What makes you buy on Black Friday?”. So we’re going to talk about real things that attract customers. Without further ado, […]

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How Online Businesses Use Wisepops: 10+ Examples

There’s so much you can do with Wisepops— Generate leads, share discount codes, get sales and conversions, cut through the noise with onsite announcements, drive customers to sales pages… Let’s see how real users do all of that. Below, you’ll see how our clients achieve different conversion goals. Also, you’ll get useful conversion tips and […]

Guide to popups
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What is a popup? A simple guide to everything

“Pop-ups, by definition, are bad for user experience.” You’ve heard this one before, right? Indeed, for some, a popup is an annoying window that interrupts the browsing experience. For others, it’s where they get discounts and other perks while shopping. On top of that, there’s even some confusion over the spelling of the word (“popup” […]

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20 Eye-Catching Lead Magnet Examples [+Tutorial]

A lead magnet isn’t something you can put on your fridge. This tool has a different kind of attraction: the ability to convert your website visitors into quality leads. That’s why most online businesses create lead magnets to build their email lists. In this guide, you’ll see 20 brilliant lead magnet examples from successful businesses […]