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Ecommerce Copywriting: 12 Tips to Boost Sales [+Examples]

Are you writing ecommerce copy that’s not getting enough conversions? We’re all been there. Writing copy for ecommerce is both art and science. But really it’s the knowledge of what makes copy appealing to shoppers that is most important. I’m going to share 12 ecommerce copywriting tips taken from successful brands to help you hone […]

Customer loyalty programs
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Customer Loyalty Programs: 10 Examples + Types

Why bother with customer loyalty programs? Well, you can’t expect your customers to appreciate your business if you’re not appreciating your customers. It’s not news to you, I know. You understand that customer loyalty will always be important. Once you have a base of loyal customers, it means you’re succeeding in building good customer relationships—that’s […]

Lead magnets
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20 Eye-Catching Lead Magnet Examples [+Tutorial]

A lead magnet isn’t something you can put on your fridge. This tool has a different kind of attraction: the ability to convert your website visitors into quality leads. That’s why most online businesses create lead magnets to grow their email lists. In this guide, you’ll see 20 brilliant lead magnet examples from successful businesses […]

Guide to popups
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What is a Popup? Definition, Meaning, Features

There’s a little confusion surrounding the word “popup,” and its meaning and effectiveness in advertising. Many are even unsure about the spelling (“popup” or “pop up?”) If you’re one of them, keep reading. We’re here to clear up any confusion. In this guide you’ll find: Popup definition “Popup” or “pop-up”? Pros and cons of popups […]

How to build your SMS marketing list
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12 Effective SMS Popup Examples [+ How to Create Them]

An SMS popup can be a great tool for your marketing. SMS popups are the popups that appear on websites to collect mobile phone numbers for future SMS marketing.  If you are planning on investing in SMS marketing, these popups are a great place to start. In this post, you’ll learn how to make SMS […]

15 Popup Best Practice Tips
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15 Popup Best Practices for More Conversions [2022]

Popups are one of the best-converting opt-ins. But, to get the best results you need to build your popups according to these popup best practices. These practices separate intrusive and in-your-face popups from attention-grabbing and high-converting ones. In this post, you’ll learn these best practices for popups: Consider your audience’s needs Define clear goals Choose […]

Faguo popup example
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How to Make Spin-to-Win Wheel Popups [+Tips & Examples]

People love discounts. The bigger, the better. But even the most dedicated deal-hunters can grow indifferent to the discount popups they see in more than 50% of stores they visit. That’s why, if you really want to grab your visitors’ attention, you need to change your tactics and go beyond regular popup displays. Spin-the-wheel popups […]

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20 Gorgeous Popup Design Examples You Can Copy Today

Did you know email popups can help you double your email list? That’s the average result reported by Wisepops customers. Wouldn’t it be great if your email list doubled, too? If that sounds good, it’s time you try popups to connect to your website visitors. The first step you need to take: learning what makes […]