Announcing Contextual Targeting

Introducing Contextual Targeting

With Contextual Targeting, you will be able to use your own data and events to trigger your popups and refine your targeting. How cool is that? Let’s review how custom properties and custom events can help you improve your marketing….

Blog - Survey popups

Popup surveys: Uncover what’s broken and fix it

Popup surveys are one of the best ways to improve conversion rate. They help you uncover the main UX and marketing issues and provide actionable insights. Read why and how you should use them. 6 reasons why online surveys should…

Blog - WooCommerce popup

Four inspiring WooCommerce popup campaigns to supercharge your store

WooCommerce currently powers 28% of all e-commerce websites (according to WooCommerce), making it one of the leading e-commerce software providers. If you are a WooCommerce store owner, popups should be part of your marketing strategy. Here’s why: On average email popups…

Blog - Lightbox popup

How to create lightbox popups that work

Lightbox popups rose to fame a few years back with a case study published on Aweber. One of their customers increased their subscriptions by a whooping 1,375% using lightboxes. But lightbox popups are not just good for capturing email addresses….

Blog - Merchandising

How to set up a successful online merchandising campaign

Online merchandising usually relies on embedded banners. Popups can help bring your merchandising to the next level by making your campaigns more visible and better targeted. Forget banners and small placements and see how smart merchandising banners can help you…

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