Why WisePops Is the Best Alternative to Bounce Exchange

Founded in 2012, Bounce X has pioneered the use of exit popups. Focusing on the Enterprise market, they successfully converted large companies to the use of popups and interstitials to boost conversions. But their premium pricing, more than $4,000 a month, alienated a lot of digital marketers.

Meet WisePops, the best alternative to Bounce Exchange. WisePops makes it super easy for your team to design and publish high converting popups — in minutes! Thousands of businesses use WisePops to collect emails, drive sales and promotions, convert abandoning visitors, and more. Start your free trial today and take a look inside!

Popup Templates

Six Reasons to Choose WisePops

Get Full Control on Your Campaigns

WisePops provides all the tools you need to build your campaigns yourself, so you’re not dependent on an account manager. This gives you more agility and will save you a lot of time. No back and forth emails or phone calls — you control everything from your end.

Design Beautiful Popups in Just a Few Clicks

WisePops lets you customize 100% of your popup elements: size, call-to-action color, text blocks — there’s no limit to your creativity!
Creating a popup will take you only a few clicks with our drag and drop builder. That’s quite a difference from Bounce Exchange, isn’t it?

Benefit from Expert Advice — for Free

We know that elaborating a popup strategy takes time and practice. That’s why you can contact our support as often as you need to ask for help or advice. Support is included in all our plans. Say goodbye to extra charges!

Reach the Right Visitor at the Right Time

The last time we counted, we had more than thirty targeting options. We let you segment your campaigns by traffic source (UTM, referrer, source type), device and operating system, behavior (exit, landing, click, etc.), geolocation, page or group of pages, and more. Engaging your visitors has never been easier and more accurate.

Make the Most of Your Mobile Traffic

Our campaigns display extremely well on mobile devices. We also offer an exclusive option — the tab — which displays a call-to-action before your popup. Your mobile campaigns are less intrusive and generate more leads!

Measure How Your Popups Contribute to Your Revenue

Are your popups worth their cost? It’s up to you to decide. We let you assess the return on your investment with detailed reporting that includes the number of displays, clicks, emails or purchases your campaign generated. Determining the impact of your overlays on your conversion takes only a few minutes.

No Contract. No Commitment

You’re free to cancel or update your subscription at any point. You’re seeing a decrease in traffic? No problem, you can downgrade immediately.

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