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Business Report – July 13

Dear Wise Users,
Our beta version is being finalized, and before the launch of the non beta here are some first indicators of how you use Wisepops and of your ROI.

Display type
40% use Wisepops as a welcome pop-up, ie to display a welcome message on their homepage.
60% use Wisepops in site, ie to display a message when the visitors is browsing specific pages

Call to action
66% use Wisepops to promote email sign-up
20% use Wisepops to promote Facebook fanpages
14% use Wisepops to promote deals & promotions

Number of Wisepops
In average you have created 2 Wisepops / user.

Sign-up: The average opt-in rate is 3,5%, ie you get 3,5 emails out of 100 displays of your pop-up. Note this is an average ratio, with variations depending on each user.
Facebook: Though feedbacks are very positive we have no way to calculate the number of “like” a user get as this is an information collected by Facebook only. You have to measure it by estimating the incremental growth of the number of your fans resulting from the display of your WisePop.


Wise news: we are finalizing our beta version as we have found some display scenarios were not working. This is being fixed. Important info: during the beta all plans are currently free, if you are using Wisepops above the free plan limits you will need to sign-up to a pro plan to keep your wisepops activated.

Support & Services:
If you need help, tips, advice on how to increase your ROI using Wisepops you can contact our team anytime (directly on, we will provide you with a set of custom recommendations, ideas and best practices. 

Happy users:
Last but not least, here are some testimonies from the Wisepops users community (big thanks!)
« Congrats for Wisepops! The tool is great, very easy to use, in less than 3 minutes our first pop-up was online! » Fanny,
“We love Wisepops because it lets you add a little pizzaz to your site and attract new customers – all at your fingertips! It’s super EASY and fun to use – just implement the code ONE time, and sit back and watch your customer base and sales transactions grow! Change your WisePop whenever and however you want. If you do need some help along the way, their friendly staff will be sure to help you! » Iana Petkova,

Idea box: if you have any idea or suggestion, just let us know so that we work on it.

Have a good day,
The Wisepops team.

Benjamin Cahen Experienced entrepreneur, Ex-Amazon, Ex-VC, Ben is founder & CEO at Wisepops.

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