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December 2020 Product update – Bars, dynamic email form, geolocation and more

Interested to learn what’s new with Wisepops? Read on!


We added a new format to complement the existing options: Wisebars.

Here’s what you should know about bars.

First, they can be positioned anywhere. You can display them above your header, at the bottom of the screen, or even embed them into your page.

Here’s what these different formats look like:


In this example, the bar is positioned above our header.


In this example, it’s positioned at the bottom of the screen.


In this example, we positioned the bar just below our main menu.

These bars can be loaded on the same page as a popup. In other words, you don’t have to choose between different messages that you want to prioritize anymore.

Finally, these bars can be used to collect emails, phone numbers, or share any message you’d like with your visitors.

Dynamic email and phone forms

You can now turn your static forms into dynamic forms.

Instead of asking for all your visitors’ details in one shot, you can now present your questions one after the other and increase the chances that your visitors will complete your form.

Our first tests show an increase in conversion rate of 3.8% for forms that include 3 or more fields when the option is activated.

Geotargeting by continent

Looking to exclude all your European visitors from seeing your non-GDPR compliant forms? You’re covered!

It now takes two clicks to include or exclude an entire continent from your display scenario.

Exit trigger update

A few customers told us that they wanted more control over the way their mobile exit-intent popups were triggered.

Now you can select whether you want to treat a visitor’s scroll up as an exit-intent signal on mobile devices.

Invoice via email

No one wants to take the time to transfer invoices to their accountant.

That’s why we added this new option to your settings:

New integrations

We’ve just released integrations with two new email marketing solutions:

We’ve also partnered with to allow you to identify potential influencers among your subscribers. To find out more about Gatsby, check their website. To activate the integration, you can follow this guide.

We know you’ll love these new options and improvements. Any more suggestions for improvement? Feel free to contact us.

Greg D'Aboville Greg is Head of Growth at Wisepops.

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