The Success Framework That Brought in Our First 2,000 Customers

As Wisepops grows, I’m increasingly impressed by the new customers who land on our site every day. But as I’m sure you know, it’s never fast enough. We always come back to the same question: “How do we go faster”?

What is a Success Framework?

For growing companies, success frameworks are your map. These maps tell you how you’re doing in relation to your destination. It keeps you on track, helps you pick the fastest, most efficient route and lead your team there.
My first attempt at success framework for Wisepops was a bit of a disaster. I tried answering these questions:

  1. How do we increase traffic?
  2. How do we increase conversions?
  3. How do we increase value per conversions?
  4. How do we reduce churn?

Good start, right? We’ve covered everything!
Investors love plans like this.
But after a few minutes, I deleted it all. Success frameworks that don’t speak to the heart of the consumer lead nowhere. And it’s not the framework I wanted to guide our growth at Wisepops.

A Good Success Framework Needs Heart

By focusing only on the outputs, you forget about the inputs. When you focus only on metrics, you forget about the customer. When you look at data, you forget about value. At Wisepops we want to focus first on customers, value and inputs. We trust that the outputs will follow.
Back to square one.

The framework we believe in

  1. How do we provide a better customer experience? (This starts by identifying and fixing their biggest pain points.)
  2. How can we increase the value customers get from Wisepops?
  3. What content would be most useful to them?
  4. What innovative ways can we accomplish the above?

This success framework led us from our first customer to our 2000th. It changed everything. It impacted our mindset, our motivation and our priorities. And, personally? I prefer  “helping our users get more value” more than “reducing the churn”.
How about you? How do you measure success?

Benjamin Cahen Experienced entrepreneur, Ex-Amazon, Ex-VC, Ben is founder & CEO at Wisepops.

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