The ultimate guide to email Popups



According to internal data, that’s the average percentage of users seeing an email popup who leave their email address.

I joined Wisepops a few months ago and knew nothing about popup marketing at the time. At first, I couldn’t believe popups could be that powerful. But my everyday job rapidly convinced me of their powers.

And I’m not the only popup believer out there.

A lot of external studies confirm these impressive results too:

Back in 2012, one of AWeber’s customers experimented with a lightbox popup. Her results? +1,375% subscribers.

More recently, Omnisend did the same kind of experiment with one of their clients. They increased signups by +150%.

Jane Friedman, a blogger, was able to double the size of her email list with an exit email popup.

But my job also taught me that all email popups were not created equal. Your design, your targeting or the offer you select dramatically impact your results. And there’s a huge difference between a good and a bad popup.

Today I’d like to share what I learned working with hundreds of top websites on their list-building strategy.

No complex words, just simple techniques you can copy and apply right away.

Let’s go!

Disclaimer: we quote some case studies involving our clients. When we could, we named the client and shared screenshots of the campaign they tested. But not all of them agreed.

Set clear objectives

Before diving into the details of your campaigns, it’s important to sit and think about your objectives.

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself:

Whose emails do I want to collect? Are some emails especially valuable to me? If so, what kind?

Who are my visitors? Can I segment them into different groups/persona?

What’s the ROI of an email subscriber? What budget am I ready to spend?

Display your campaign to the right person at the right time

h3>Timing is (almost) everything.

Here’s one illustration of users’ sensitivity to timing. One of our customers, a high-end hifi retailer, tried displaying the same exact popup on landing and after 2 pages. Notice the delta in in the subscription rate between the two versions?

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