Why Wisepops Is the Best Hello Bar Alternative

With its free version and ease of use, Hello Bar successfully attracted hundreds of digital marketers all around the world. Since its creation, it has become the small business owners’ favorite.

But for users with advanced needs, Hello Bar can be a little frustrating: their customization options are very limited, their targeting rules are basic, and it’s difficult to track the impact of your bars and popups on your site.

Let me introduce Wisepops, the best popup and bar builder for demanding marketers and business owners. Let’s see how it compares with Hello Bar.

Email Popup Templates

Wisepops vs Hello Bar

Design Your Own Popups

Forget HelloBar pre-made templates. Wisepops allows you to create popups and bars that are truly your own. Add visuals, videos, iframes, HTML or any kind of media with just a few clicks. Customize everything, from the color and positions of your call-to-actions to the exact size and positions of your campaigns.

Reach the Right Users at the Right Time

Make sure your campaigns appear only to the relevant users at the best time using our display scenario builder. Target visitors by device and operating system, URL or group of URLs, geolocation, source of traffic, and more. Create and use custom properties to take your display scenario further: target logged in users, people who have already purchased on your website, users with more than $100 worth of items in their cart, etc.

Make the Most of Your Mobile Traffic

Wisepops helps you design campaigns which are built for our mobile world. We allow you to display a teaser before your popup that captivates your user and results in even more leads. And our builder enables you to create campaigns that look great on screens of all sizes.

Calculate Your Campaigns ROI

With our reporting interface, it’s easy to follow how your campaigns are performing. Activate our goal tracking feature to associate popup displays or clicks with actual revenue. And use our Google Analytics integration to add an extra level of information. You can also use our A/B testing feature to optimize your pop-ups’ performance.

Fits in Your Marketing Stack

Send your new emails to your email solution using one of our native integrations, our email API or Zapier. You won’t have to wait to make the most of your new email addresses!


From the setup to the design, to the targeting, we’ve made our best to make Wisepops easier to use than the other popup plugins. Installing Wisepops takes only a single line of code to copy and paste (no developer required) and the tool itself was built with marketers and entrepreneurs in mind.

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