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How Christy Dawn Generated 37% More Emails Leveraging Out of Stock Product Visitors

About Christy Dawn

Christy Dawn produces elegant women’s clothes with a vintage twist. Their products are sewn by local artisans in Los Angeles using sustainable, upcycled fabrics. They launched their Shopify store in 2014.

Christy Dawn’s List-Building Strategy

Since the company was founded, email has played a major role in Christy Dawn’s growth.

“Between automations and campaigns, email is the marketing channel that works hardest for us. Email allows us to tell our story in a meaningful, thoughtful way and allows us to engage with the right people at the right time. Suffice it to say that growing our email list will always be a priority for us!” says Victoria Ainsworth, Growth Consultant at Christy Dawn

To collect email addresses, the company relies on an email popup that’s displayed 3 seconds after shoppers land on the website. To limit the intrusion, the popup is displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Christy Dawn's Shopify Popup

Since the popup went online, it’s converted about 3% of people who see it into email subscribers.

Looking for Growth Drivers: Turning “Out of Stock” into Opportunity

Christy Dawn is the exact opposite of the ready-to-wear fashion giants. Each piece they sell is produced in limited quantities – and they often sell out within just a few days!

This strategy has allowed the brand to build a strong following of fashionistas looking for original pieces.

But it has also a downside. Much of Christy Dawn’s traffic visits product pages for which an item (or at least a size variant of that item) is sold out, and this can create a frustrating “dead end” experience for users.

A sold out product on

Victoria Ainsworth, Christy Dawn’s Growth Consultant, quickly realized that these pages presented an opportunity to collect more emails.

To make the most of these page views, she decided to create a second popup that would appear only on sold out product pages.

She designed the popup and configured it to appear on all the product pages where the inventory was equal to 0:

And she adapted the copy and design of the popup to the context:

The copy also tells visitors how Christy Dawn works. In that sense, the popup is a way to both grow her email list and educate visitors about what they can expect from the brand in terms of restocking.

To avoid soliciting visitors who are already on Christy Dawn’s email list, Victoria excluded the visitors who’ve previously subscribed:

The Results

This popup helped Christy Dawn collect 38% more emails.

More than a fourth of all the email leads that Christy Dawn collects on their Shopify store now transit through these popups:

“We know how frustrating it can be to see a product you love, only to discover that it’s sold out. We leveraged this popup to turn an otherwise frustrating situation into a positive.”

Victoria Ainsworth, Growth Consultant at Christy Dawn

Greg D'Aboville Greg is Head of Growth at Wisepops.

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