How to structure your SaaS roadmap?

Managing a roadmap for a Saas is absolutely strategic, and very challenging. It is not easy – at all – to make sure you know what is the next feature you should work on.

Over time, I have set a very useful framework to prioritize our roadmap, and I hope this can be useful to others dealing with the same challenge:
First set of criteria: the output, or the type of expected impact on your business (I want to have at least 3 of those 4 outputs impacted in each new release).

  1. Acquisition – will bring new visitors
  2. Conversion – will help convert new visitors into customers
  3. Retention – will improve experience of existing customers
  4. Price – will increase my average revenue per user

Second set of criteria: the pain, or how much does this hurt not to have this now? (each new release should include features dealing with 1 or 2, and with 3 or 4).

  1. Critical
  2. Bad
  3. Can do with it for a few more weeks
  4. No hurt, but long term impact

Third set: the workload, or how much efforts are needed? (Look for a 40% / 40 % / 20% structure).

  1. Quick win
  2. Average feature
  3. Big (will require time in specifications + development + beta period, etc.)

Fourth set: who will benefit? (no rules here, excepted that 3. should always be paid by the customer).

  1. All customers
  2. Only a segment
  3. Individual needs

Those are my main criteria, and each line in the Wisepops roadmap is stack ranked this way. Can not use this to prioritize automatically of course, but this helps make sure you take important factors into consideration when prioritizing.
Hope that helps, and feel free to share your own best practices!

Benjamin Cahen Experienced entrepreneur, Ex-Amazon, Ex-VC, Ben is founder & CEO at Wisepops.

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