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Inkbox Case Study: How Email Marketing Can Boost Revenues and Growth

With more than one million visitors each month, 662,000 followers on Instagram and 45 employees, all after only 3 years in business, Inkbox is an e-commerce success story.
One of the keys of this success? Email marketing. We sat down with Brodie Mazurek, Inkbox’s Digital Marketing Lead, to understand how they manage the email channel and what marketers can draw from their experience.

Brodie Mazurek

Could you explain what  Inkbox is?

Inkbox is an innovative semi-permanent tattoo product and platform providing customers around the world with the ability to experience an authentic tattoo, without the permanence. Customers can purchase hundreds of pre-made designs from top tattoo artists or design their own.

What role does email marketing play for Inkbox?

Email marketing is an integral part of our marketing strategy. We have calculated the value of an individual email, which is the foundation for our focus on email capture. Email is probably our most profitable paid acquisition strategy. It is the easiest way for a marketer to stay top of mind with a consumer.

I know you’re using popups to collect emails. What incentive/reward do you use for new subscribers?

For new subscribers we offer a 20% Off discount code on their first purchase.
We A/B tested other options, but the economics of this offer made the most sense for us.

How do you handle mobile visitors? Do you display a specific popup?

We use the same popup on mobile as we do on desktop. Although, with mobile, it is more important to ensure the popup is not intrusive to the overall browsing experience.
Inkbox Mobile Popup Final

Inkbox popup viewed on an iPhone X

What are the results of your email popup?

I think the number that sums up our performance best is that roughly 12% of our new web users convert into leads.

How do you welcome your new subscribers?

It is critical to set a welcome series that is triggered the moment a user provides their email. We immediately send a welcome email highlighting product info and providing a discount to incentivize the first purchase.
The welcome email sent by Inkbox

Inbox’s welcome email

Who prepares the popup design? Is it done by a designer? By a marketer?

Design is done by a marketer with some design experience. We found that a simple design can often perform better. The design we currently use could be implemented by someone with little to no design experience.

Do you have any advice/tip for e-commerce entrepreneurs in general?

Don’t overlook the value of an email and the importance of email marketing altogether. Often email can be typecast as an ‘‘old school” form of marketing or advertising.
It actually works great when combined with digital marketing efforts. Make sure to find a healthy balance in the quantity of emails you are sending to an individual. In general, you want to stay top of mind, but not spam. You should always have a very good reason to send an email.

Do you have any recommendations/tips for list-building?

Make sure to offer something of value in return for a user’s email.
Also, you should have multiple sources building your list.
an opt-in checkbox on a Shopify store

Inkbox check-out funnel including the Shopify opt-in checkbox.

Inkbox infographic

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