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Introducing Contextual Targeting

With Contextual Targeting, you will be able to use your own data and events to trigger your popups and refine your targeting. How cool is that?
Let’s review how custom properties and custom events can help you improve your marketing.

Custom properties:

Custom properties are custom conditions that you can define to refine your targeting. They can be:

  • page properties (e.g.: product stock, item price, etc.)
  • behavioral properties (e.g.: cart value, number of times a user viewed your pricing page)
  • user properties (e.g.: last purchase date, loyalty status).

For those of you using Google Tag Manager, custom properties are similar to Data Layer variables (and you can use them directly). For those of you using Shopify, you can use Liquid variables as custom properties.

For example, if you’re offering a gift for orders above $100, you can create a “cart value” custom property. You can then target all the users who have less than $100 in cart value and encourage them to keep shopping to reach the $100 threshold and get their gift.
You could also display popups to a specific kind of user. Those who are currently logged in, for instance.
Once configured, you can use them in the last section of the display scenarios.
Contextual Targeting

Custom Events:

Custom events can be used to complement the default trigger Wisepops offers (landing, exit, scroll, etc.)

Let’s say for example that you want to display a popup featuring your top-selling items on out-of-stock product pages to retain your visitors. You’ll create a custom event: “Visitor views an out-of-stock item” which will trigger on product pages where the product stock is equal to 0. You’ll then use that event as a trigger in your display scenario.
Once configured, you can use them in the first section of the display scenarios.
Custom event
Documentation: Set up custom events to trigger popups
Any questions? Feel free to contact us through the chat or via our contact page.

Greg D'Aboville Greg is Head of Growth at Wisepops.

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