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Introducing Wisepops : THE pop-up tool for ecommerce, blogs, and more

We are going to start the beta version of Wisepops soon, so it is time to introduce what our application is about. Pop-ups. Yes.

I created Wisepops after a 5-year experience in ecommerce as co-founder of, the leading marketplace for green & organic products in France. GreenRepublic has been a great laboratory in which our team had the opportunity to test all the webmarketing best practices you can find. To be honest, most of what we have tested had some very moderate results, and it turned out that good products, good prices, and good SEO have been our “simple” recipe for success.

Still, one tool has been an exception : email signup pop-ups
For a long time I didn’t want to use those, convinced that they were interfering with the user experience. I was wondering why so many websites were using pop-ups, and I only thought “I don’t want it on my website”, without testing it.

I changed my mind one year ago : I was not sure new visitors on were able to understand clearly our mission statement, so I asked our CTO to develop and publish a welcome pop-up simply saying :
“Welcome new citizens, GreenRepublic is the leading marketplace with more than 40 000 organic products (…)” I listed two key customers advantages here.
with a sign-up button.

It was much easier for new visitors to know what was GreenRepublic.
Impact : the next day we have had 200% more email signups … 
We could not believe it! We asked our CTO to check again if it was not an error in our admin interface. We thought “ok, this is just going to work for a few days and then it will stop” but it only stopped when we turned off the pop-up… And when we published it again, 200% more sign-ups (see more here with this post on pop-up results. That was amazing because our mailing base was the key lever we needed to invest in, and our pop-up helped us triple it in just a few months. Amazing, really.

I naturally decided to invest more time in this pop-up, and start asking for some new developments to improve the ROI, and measure it. I needed to test a lot of scenarios, and measure the impact. For example I wanted to test using the pop-up to promote:
– a welcome coupon
– our facebook fanpage
– some best sellers
and see for all those what was the message with the best ROI. I also wanted to have some pop-ups targeting specific visitors : repeat, visitors from facebook, etc.

Moving on : It needed too much time to develop this, considering our already overloaded roadmap… So we were not able to work this out. Very frustrating. Of course, I checked all the plugins and solutions in the market but it was mostly basic plugins and very far from what I needed. I asked some agencies to estimate the budget to develop it and it was just crazy how expensive it was. Few months later, I decided to create my perfect pop-up application on a standalone mode.

Creating Wisepops : I have had the opportunity to work with some of the best IT developers in France, with a team specialized in big data, ecommerce and applications. Wisepops has been granted a subvention for innovation, and it took 8 months to get to the Beta that will be released in private access in the next few days. Some majors websites already signed up to test it and I know a great adventure is ahead.

Pop-ups are one of the best tool to boost sign-ups and conversions with an amazing and immediate ROI. Wisepops is THE pop-up tool. And it is coming soon…

Benjamin Cahen Experienced entrepreneur, Ex-Amazon, Ex-VC, Ben is founder & CEO at Wisepops.

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