Discover Why Wisepops Is The Best JustUno Alternative

Looking for a reliable alternative to JustUno? Look no further!

No one likes complex software that’s difficult to use. At Wisepops, we’ve put a lot of extra hours into making our popup solution the easiest to use on the market. At the same time, we’ve made it one of the most powerful – to make sure it can do everything you need it to do!  And we have been successful – in fact, Wisepops has been adopted by hundreds of expert marketing teams including Fender, Volusion, WGU and Greenpeace.

Let’s see in detail how Wisepops compares with JustUno.

Email Popup Templates

Wisepops vs JustUno


If you’ve already given JustUno a spin, you know it can be hard to use. They are the Photoshop of popups: mastering their interface can take hours. We like to think of ourselves as the Canva of popups: from the design to the segmentation, everything is easy and usually takes only a few clicks to configure.

Fairly Priced

It’s difficult to compare JustUno’s pricing with our own: they charge per visitor, we charge per page view. But our clients who switched from JustUno to Wisepops reported saving between 5 and 20% on average.

Fits in Your Marketing Stack

We integrate with 600+ email service providers and CRM. We also offer a Zapier integration and an email hook option. Needless to say, syncing your new leads will take you only a few minutes.

Works with All CMS

Wisepops can be implemented in just a few minutes. It requires a simple copy and paste and works with most CMS and ecommerce solutions.

Free Advanced Support

We know e-commerce very well (we’re ex-Amazons), and we know lead generation even better. Our team is available 24/7 – for free! – to share this expertise with you. Whether you need technical help or strategic recommendations, you can always count on us. The best part? This support is included in all our plans.

Easy Transition

Need help transitioning from JustUno to Wisepops? We help you recreate your designs and targeting rules for free.

The Best-Rated Popup Software

Quality speaks for itself: we’re the top-rated popup app on Shopify, Magento, GetApp and Capterra. Check our reviews on the different platforms listed below and decide for yourself.

Wisepops reviews


“I’ve used Wisepops since beta and still love it. $99/month gets most of my clients everything they need.”
– Stacelynn Caughlan, Shopify expert @The Idea Lounge

“The app is super easy to use. Many templates to choose from, suited for a variety of business goals. The support team is also top notch and is very reactive when you’re reaching out to them for some help.”
– Mathieu Girolet, Online Marketing Manager @Koch

“Wisepops is so easy to use, I can’t recommend it highly enough. I wish every resource I use was as easy and effective as Wisepops. Honestly, give them a try. You won’t be sorry.”
– Sara Henderson, Co-Founder of YourPersonalBillboard

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