Create Magento Exit Popups That Convert

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When you run a ecommerce business, statistics can be discouraging. On average, only 8.7% of users add a product to the cart. Out of these, only 30% will complete their purchase. Simply put, most of your traffic doesn’t convert. What if there was a way to retain these visitors who don’t convert before they leave?

Meet Wisepops, the best way to intercept your abandoning visitors. We allow you to design and target popups that drive your users back to your site or help you convince them to join your email list. Let’s see how our popup extension can help.

How to Create an Exit Pop-up for Your Magento Store

  1. Create a free trial account on Wisepops
  2. Design your exit offer (we provide a few templates you can customize to save time)
  3. Select which visitors should see your campaign and in what conditions
  4. Set up our Magento extension or use Google Tag Manager to set up our setup code
  5. Turn on your campaign, and voila!

Why Wisepops?

Unrivaled Builder

Forget the widgets that force you to use a specific design. Our campaign builder is the most flexible available on the market. Designing your popups and bars will take you less than a minute!

Top-Notch Targeting Engine

Benefit from the most advanced display scenario builder. Adapt your campaigns to your users’ behavior with Magento-specific targeting options (cart value, item price, etc.)

Unique Goal Tracking Option

Follow the impact of your exit offers on purchases and revenue. Activate our Google Analytics integration for detailed insights.

Reactive Support

Rely on our team of experts to help you increase your conversions.

Four Tips to Get More from Your Exit Popups

Set Clear Objectives

Exit popups can help you reach all sorts of goals: understand why users are leaving without purchasing, convince your visitors to join your email list or reduce the number of abandoned carts — and many more. Sit and think about your objectives before preparing your campaign.

Adapt Your Offers to the Context

Will a user respond to the same kind of incentive if she’s on the homepage or if she’s in the checkout process? The short answer is no. Create more than one campaign and adapt them to your user navigation.

Make the most of your mobile traffic

Increase your conversion rate on mobile using responsive exit popups which display when the users are about to leave your website.

A/B Test like There’s No Tomorrow

“Never stop testing, and your advertising will never stop improving.” What David Ogilvy said about advertising is also true for onsite marketing. Does your campaign produce better results with a lightbox effect? Does a coupon help convert more visitors? Tests can help you answer these kinds of questions and improve your performance significantly over time.

Make Your Design Eye-Catching

Exit popups are your last chance to retain a visitor. Their design must catch your audience before it’s too late. Don’t be shy! Use flashy colors, large visuals or anything else which can make your message unmissable.

Examples of Exit Popups Found on Leading Magento Stores

There’s no shame in getting some inspiration from existing popups. Here’s a selection of stunning exit popups we’ve found on Magento-powered stores.

An exit popup on

An exit popup on

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