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Let’s face it. Most Magento users fail to convert more than 3% of their visitors. This means that a vast majority of the traffic they attract is lost. And if you’re paying for this traffic (Adwords is not free; neither is Google Shopping or Facebook Ads), chances are you’re throwing most of your money out the window.

That’s why we created Wisepops.

Wisepops allows you to display highly targeted messages on your website that turn your visitors into newsletter subscribers. On average, our Magento users add 5.9% of their visitors to their email list. For a website with 30,000 monthly visitors, that would represent 21,600 email addresses added every year.
Interested? Hang on, it gets better! Our extension can help you survey your visitors, reduce the number of abandoned carts, promote your sales and deals and increase your average order value.

Let’s see in detail how we can help you grow your store.

How to Create a Newsletter Popup for Your Magento Store

  1. Sign up for a free trial account on Wisepops.
  2. Design your newsletter popup (or choose one of our templates).
  3. Set up our Magento extension or use Google Tag Manager to embed our setup code.
  4. Select which users should see the campaign (ex: Users with items in their cart? Mobile visitors?).
  5. Turn on your campaign and start collecting new subscribers.

Why Wisepops?

Flexible Builder

Our builder lets you create unique designs that reinforce your brand and convert more visitors.

Advanced Targeting

Use our 30+ targeting settings and our Magento-specific options to display your popup form at the best time.

Goal and Revenue Tracking

Follow the impact of your exit offers on purchases and revenue.

Reactive Support

Our team sets very high standards for itself. Rely on an expert team.

Five Tips to Create the Best Newsletter Popup

Use Incentives

Do you think your visitors will subscribe to your newsletter just to please you? If so, I can tell you from experience that they won’t. You need a good reason to convince them to join your list. Coupons help a great deal (some of our customers have multiplied the number of emails they collect by eight by offering a coupon to new subscribers). Sweepstakes or free shipping offers are pretty effective as well. If you’re not offering this kind of incentive, you must explain clearly why your visitors should join. Is it because they’ll learn something? Because they’ll get access to exclusive news?

Use Power Words

Some words are stronger than others. Use these power words to help you increase your conversions. Here are a few examples of convincing headlines we’ve seen: “Be the first to know,” “Join us today,” “Get an immediate discount,” “Don’t miss out,” “Stay up to date.”

Use Visuals

Popups and bars are like newsletters. Without visuals, they’re boring! Add images to make your popups more engaging. At the same time, they help prevent the user from confusing your popup with a third-party offer.

Be Short and Specific

Don’t waste your visitors’ time! Keep your copy short and clear. Here’s a quick example. Original version: “Subscribe to our newsletter. We’ll send you 15% off your next purchase and a weekly newsletter including new product announcements and behind-the-scenes exclusives”.
Revised version: “Join us now! We’ll send you 15% off and exclusive news.”

Test Different Options

List building is a trial and error process. You will need to test different segmentation options, copies and incentives before finding the right formula. Our most successful customers convert as much as 15% of their visitors into subscribers. For most of them, this is the result of months of small tests and adjustments.

Five Examples of Newsletter Popups Found on Leading Magento Stores

Need some inspiration? Here’s a selection of some of the best newsletter popups we’ve seen on Magento-powered stores.

a Magento newsletter popup on

An email popup on Magento-powered website

A side newsletter popup on

a newsletter bar on

Direct vapor email popup form

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