Create Popups That Help You Grow Your Mailjet List Effortlessly

Looking for a popup solution that integrates with Mailjet? Let me explain why Wisepops is your best option.

First off, we integrate directly with Mailjet. No need to use a middleman solution like Zapier or ask your developer to work on a connector. Our integration lets you send your new leads to Mailjet in less than a second, allowing you to trigger your welcome sequence right away.

That’s not all. Wisepops helps you design good-looking popins, lightboxes and overlays effortlessly. We also equip you with a robust segmentation engine that allows you to engage only the visitors who are most likely to convert when they’re the most likely to convert.

As we know building a solid business is not only about growing a contact list, Wisepops also allows you to collect feedback, share videos with your audience, boost your average cart value, and more.

Email Popup Templates


Advanced drag-and-drop builder

HTML? CSS? Forget about them! Our WYSIWYG builder allows you to create stunning popups in a matter of minutes without using a single line of code. Customize the popup’s size, position and font, and add pictures, GIFs and more to create a memorable popup.

Rich forms at your fingertips

Collecting emails is one thing. With Wisepops you can go further and collect additional details that will help you create a one-on-one relationship with your customers. Interests, birthdate, country, phone number and more can be collected easily and synchronized with your Mailjet account.

Best-in-class targeting engine

We offer more than thirty targeting and segmentation options including the source of traffic, the geolocation of your visitors, their device, the time of the day, and more. You can also implement your own targeting variables or activate our ecommerce integrations to unlock even more options.

Advanced personalization

Personalize your popups using dynamic content generated in real-time. Address your customers by name, adapt the popup’s wording to the popup being viewed, calculate how much visitors need to add to their cart to benefit from free shipping, etc.

Professional in-house support

Benefit from the support of a highly skilled team based in France. Receive expert help in English or French in a matter of minutes. You’re not alone in this!

GDPR and CCPA compliant

Your legal and security teams will love Wisepops. We comply with the latest legal and security frameworks to make sure your data is secured and your visitors’ privacy is protected.


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