Why Wisepops Is the Best Alternative to MailMunch

There’s nothing like a free plan to attract potential customers. MailMunch used this strategy successfully to seduce all kinds of users, drawn in by the prospect of collecting more emails for free.

But when you look closely, MailMunch is quite limited, both in terms of features (basic targeting engine, few design options…) and use cases (their popups only allow email collection) and can be expensive in the long run.

Wisepops is the best alternative to MailMunch. Built for demanding marketers, Wisepops lets you design beautiful popups that match your website identity and cover all sorts of use cases –from lead generation, to conversion rate optimization, to surveys, to product announcements, etc. Curious to see how we compare? Let’s go!

Email Popup Templates

5 Reasons to Choose Wisepops

Create All Kinds of Popups and Bars

Wisepops offers more than email popups. With our flexible popup builder, you can create all sorts of popups and bars, including campaigns that help you reduce cart abandonment, promote your latest product, share important announcements, solicit feedback, etc.

Design Popups That Mirror Your Identity

Are you tired of seeing the same popups all over the web? Your visitors are, too! Forget MailMunch premade templates (premium or not) and design popups that truly match your website identity. With our drag and drop editor, it’s easy to add logos and other visual elements that help reinforce your brand.

Reach the Right Users at the Right Time

Benefit from six different triggers and thirty different targeting options to segment your campaigns. Activate our contextual targeting feature to target users that match custom conditions (is logged in, has items in his cart, is subscribed, etc.) and take your targeting to the next level.

Get In-depth Analytics, from Clicks to Revenue

All our plans come with an advanced reporting dashboard which lets you track your displays, clicks, emails and the impact of your onsite messages on your business goals (purchases, subscriptions, donations, etc.). We also let you connect with Google Analytics in one click to get deeper insights about your campaigns.

Leverage Our Expert Team, Anytime

Wisepops was built for exigent marketers. We pride ourselves on being the most reliable popup tool available. Displaying error messages is not part of our company culture. All our plans include free advanced support.

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