Obaz, great use of pop-up

Founded in 2011, oBaz, short for “online bazaar,” lets you join niche communities based on who you are and what your hobbies and interests are.

Each community features expert curation and advise, private deals, unique discussions, and other social features. Current communities, or aisles, include Musicians, Dog Lovers, Gearheads, Chefs, Fashionistas, Photographers, and more.

The concept is very nice and they have a great welcome / sign in strategy based on one pop-up offering a $5 first purchase offer, and asking for sign up with the option of Facebook connect.

Template is great, very clear, and clearly Facebook connect makes it very easy to join.


Benjamin Cahen Experienced entrepreneur, Ex-Amazon, Ex-VC, Ben is founder & CEO at Wisepops.

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