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How to Set Up a Successful Online Merchandising Campaign

Online merchandising usually relies on embedded banners. Popups can help bring your merchandising to the next level by making your campaigns more visible and better targeted. Forget banners and small placements and see how smart merchandising banners can help you redirect as much as 50% of your traffic to a specific promotion campaign.

Define your strategy

The first step towards a successful merchandising campaign is to define your main objective.

  • Do you want to promote a single product? This can be a good strategy if you have a good deal on a single product or if you regularly do flash sales.
  • Do you want to promote a selection of products? This is particularly relevant during seasonal events (Back To School, Halloween, Easter, etc.)
  • Do you want to promote an entire product category? Usually associated with a coupon, this kind of campaign can help you grow specific categories of your website.
  • Do you want a site-wide promotional offer? Always associated with a coupon, site-wide promotions help you temporarily boost your conversion rate (see for example how a leading online retailer generate a +15% conversion rate).

Popup design & targeting

Depending on your strategy, we recommend different formats and targeting.


This kind of promotion might not be interesting for all your visitors. In that case, it makes sense to target a very specific audience who might convert better. Let’s say for example that I own a home improvement online store. I have a very good deal on a Bosch drill. In this case, using Wisepops page targeting options, I can target all Bosch pages on my website and display the popup on landing. I can also include all drill product pages.
Your popup design should highlight which product is promoted and the benefit for the user:

A merchandising popup

Product selection and category promotion

This kind of promotion requires a higher level of visibility. If you’re confident that your campaign will appeal to a large number of visitors, you can display it on landing in all of your pages. If you feel that this campaign will concern window shoppers, you can simply display it on the homepage.

Your design should reflect the products that customers will find under the promotion and the benefit for them.
Promotion popup

Sitewide promotion

When you run a site-wide promotion, 100% of your visitors must see it. So we recommend setting your campaign to display in all pages on landing. You can also set your popup to appear on every page so that the coupon follows your visitors during their entire navigation.
Your popup design must highlight the terms and conditions of the promotion. We also encourage you to create urgency by insisting that the promotion is limited in time.
site-wide promotion popup
Already using Wisepops for merchandising campaigns? Share your tips and designs with us!

Greg D'Aboville Greg is Head of Growth at Wisepops.

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