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As a webmaster, you’ve probably chosen to build your website with Joomla because it’s fast, user-friendly and reliable.

We believe that a popup builder should respect the same standards. That’s why we created WisePops: we wanted to provide a tool which is easy to use, which can help you create all kinds of popups (from modals, to lightbox, or exit popups), segment them and track their impact.

We’ve already convinced hundreds of Joomla users to join us. Will you be next?

Email Popup Templates

Design your first email popup, a step by step guide

  1. Create a WisePops account.
  2. Set up our setup code on your website.
  3. Design your popup using our drag and drop editor.
  4. Select who will see your campaigns, when and how often.
  5. Publish your campaign. You’re done!

Use Cases

Grow your subscriber list

Building an email list can be challenging. Well, not anymore! Our state of the art email popups make it easy.

Redirect your visitors

You know some areas of your website are more profitable to your business. Use our popups to redirect your visitors to these specific pages and increase your revenue.

Get your visitors’ opinion

Do you know what your visitors think of your website? Use surveys to discover their needs and collect feedback.

Why WisePops?

Works great with Joomla

Setting up WisePops takes a simple copy and paste in your Joomla admin. Using our contextual targeting feature, you can create Joomla-specific rules (target only logged-in users, etc.).

Easy to use

With our drag and drop editor, designing beautiful popups which match your Joomla website identity is just a few clicks away. Style, message, position — you have complete control over your popups.

Precise reporting

Wondering how your campaigns are contributing to developing your business? We provide all the tools to measure that.

Integrates with your email solution

We integrate with the most popular email marketing solutions (including but not limited to MailChimp, Sendgrid, Infusionsoft).

Reach the right person at the right time

WisePops provides more than 30 targeting options to choose from. Never miss an opportunity again! Mobile users in Florida? Frequent desktop visitors? All done in a snap.

Design mobile-friendly popups

Create popups that are easy for mobile viewers to use and don’t hurt your SEO rankings. We provide all the design and targeting options to help you turn your mobile visitors into subscribers.

Not using Joomla?

They use WisePops

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