Create Prestashop Newsletter Popups That Convert

You probably know this already: email marketing is the best way to generate sales. But before actually sending newsletters that will drive traffic your store and increase your sales, you need to build a solid email list.

Wisepops can help. We make it easy to design newsletter popups that catch your visitors’ attention at the most favorable time and help you convince them to join your email list. The best part? Your list grows automatically without much effort.

Let’s see how Wisepops popup module can help you boost your Prestashop store!

How to Create Your Newsletter Popup

  1. Sign up for a free trial account on Wisepops.
  2. Design your email popup (or simply edit one of our templates)
  3. Set up Wisepops on your store using Prestashop back-end settings or Google Tag Manager
  4. Select your popup trigger and its target audience
  5. Activate your popup

Boom! You’re done!

Why Wisepops?

Flexible Builder

Designing popups can be challenging when you don’t have any coding experience. Not with Wisepops! Building your campaigns is a breeze.

30+ Segmentation Options

Promote your newsletter at the best time to the best user. Converting your visitors has never been easier.

Transparent Reporting

Curious to see how your campaigns perform? Monitor how many emails you collect and follow the evolution of your conversion rate.

Top-Notch Support

Our team is always there when you need help.

Four Tips to Collect Even More Emails

Reward Your Subscribers

Let’s be realistic. Most visitors won’t subscribe unless you provide a good reason for them to do so. The reason can be a coupon (the best option if you have a decent budget), a free shipping offer, a chance to win something or a free guide. If you can’t offer any of these, make sure to “sell” your newsletter and capitalize on what makes it unique or interesting.

Choose the Right Time

Display your popup too early and your visitors might not be ready to give their email address away. Display it too late and they might be gone already. Test different triggers and delays and evaluate which one bring the most emails.

Use Action Words

You need to convince your visitors. Use words that create a sense of urgency and drive action. Words such as Now and Today or verbs such as Get, Receive, or Unlock can help you convince even the most hesitant users.

Never Stop Testing

Finding the most effective timing, copy and reward takes trial and error. Use A/B tests to identify your users’ drivers and optimize your conversion rate.

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