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Popup Surveys: Uncover What’s Broken and Fix It

Popup surveys are one of the best ways to improve conversion rate. They help you uncover the main UX and marketing issues and provide actionable insights. Read why and how you should use them.

6 Reasons Why Online Surveys Should Be an Essential Piece of Your Growth Strategy

Reason 1: Online surveys provide unique benefits:

Reason 2: Their cost is often very limited (most online surveys solution provide a free option)
Reason 3: The results are almost immediate.
Reason 4: They are easy to implement.
Reason 5: They are a good complement to other sources of insights:

  • Analytics can provide a good overview of your traffic and UX. But it can prove difficult to make numbers talk.
  • In-person interviews are insightful but they are expensive and time-consuming.
  • Reviews are an excellent source as well. But they come from people who already ordered…
  • Support tickets are more limited because they usually highlight a critical problem.

Reason 6: do you really need a sixth reason? 🙂

3 Reasons Why Survey Popups Are the Best Way to Address Your Online Survey

There are many ways to address online surveys:

  • Sending them by email
  • Adding an embedded form on your website
  • Open a new window

an email survey example

Example of an email survey sent by Levi’s

But survey popups are probably the best option:

  • They allow you to contact any kind of user: new visitors, returning visitors, repeat buyers, etc.
  • They make it easy to catch the user at the right time
  • They have a very high response rate (how many times have you opened a survey email and just thought “not now”?)

Survey popup example

A WisePops survey popup template

3 Tips for a Successful Survey Popup

Tip 1: Set clear objectives. Start by asking yourself:

  • What kind of customers would you like to get feedback from? New visitors who are not yet familiar with your website? Loyal customers? Visitors of a specific category of your ecommerce website?
  • What sort of insight do you need? Do you need to fuel your roadmap? To better identify why users leave your website without purchasing? To get feedback about your latest release?
  • What questions do you want to ask them? Once you know what you want to ask, you need to prepare your questions. Just keep in mind that users usually expect survey popups to be short. That’s also a key factor to reach a high response rate. Regarding the exact wording, we recommend this article from Qualaroo for inspiration.

Tip 2: Choose the appropriate targeting:
The targeting will be highly correlated to your target population. Here are a few parameters you can play with:

  • Page: choose all pages if you want the largest possible audience. You can also pick specific pages depending on your need: order confirmation page to survey recent buyers, search pages to get more insight about your ecommerce website offering, etc.
  • Trigger: in general exit popups work best. But you can also try to display your survey on landing or scroll.
  • Other targeting options such as geolocation, returning/new visitors can prove helpful

Tip 3: Reward your respondents:
Incentives can help you boost your response rate. Depending on the relationship you have with your audience, you might want to consider adding one.

How to Create a Survey Popup in WisePops

Step 1: Create a new signup popup.

Step 2: Click edit on the sign-up field.
Step 1 - Signup field

Step 3: Click “Add new field”
Step 2 - New field

Step 4: Select the kind of field you’d like to add
Selection field type


And voila!

Survey popup example


You can also embed a third-party survey solution into your WisePops.
We have successfully tested the following products and recommend them :

typeform popup example

Greg D'Aboville Greg is Head of Growth at WisePops.

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