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PrestaShop popup module

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Supercharge your PrestaShop store with smart popups

  • 270% more subscribers

    Design beautiful newsletter pop-ups which match your PrestaShop website style. Select your campaign target in just a few clicks and start collecting more subscribers.

  • Boost your sales

    Skyrocket your sales with popups! Complement your signup popups with site-wide promotions, seasonal popups or flash sales campaigns. Display messages depending on product price, cart value and other custom dimensions to boost conversions.

  • Retain 3x more leaving visitors

    Stop wasting your existing traffic. Retain your visitors before they actually leave your website with exit popups. Get them to convert or collect feedback to improve your shop.

  • Make the most of your mobile traffic

    Don't risk your SEO traffic. Create mobile popups that work and respect Google guidelines on mobile pop-ups.

Creating PrestaShop popups are as easy as 1-2-3

  • 1. Create your popup

    Pick up a template and use the drag & drop feature to customize your design.

  • 2. Prepare your target

    Set when, where, and to who your popup will be displayed.

  • 3. Publish, it’s live

    Turn on your campaign, start increasing your sales and boost your subscriber list!

  • Display popups depending on cart value
  • Create different messages for registered customers and new visitors
  • Track the impact on your ecommerce revenue

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Do I need to code anything?

WisePops was designed to allow marketers to display popups without any developer skills. You can create a PrestaShop popup in just a few clicks.

What are the targeting options in PrestaShop?

By default, we provide 30+ targeting options. You can also activate our contextual targeting feature to target PrestaShop variables such as cart value, cart item count, product category, item stock, etc.

Is WisePops free?

We offer a 14-day free trial with no credit card registration. After you can subscribe to one of our plans.

Works with most emailing solutions

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