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Featured: Priority Bicycles and WisePops

As the saying goes, many hands make light work. So what do you do when you’ve got only a few pairs of hands to run your online store?
You use tools instead.

Priority Bicycles is a start-up that aims to design a better cycling experience.

When it comes to bikes, founder Dave Weiner has seven principles of quality: affordable, lightweight, comfortable, easy to ride, easy to maintain, hard to steal, and visually appealing but not overly technical.
It seems basic, but owning an online store is more than just having a great product. It’s also about attracting customers.

Priority Bicycles’ problem? With limited manpower and a small inventory, drawing attention to their merchandise and specials needed to be simple.
Enter Wisepops.

While Priority uses design (and physics) to make transportation quicker and easier, Wisepops does the same for conversion.

“As a start-up company, we don’t have the luxury of a 10-person design team, so it’s great that we can work directly with the Wisepops platform and have those solutions—from design and messaging to call-to-action and tracking—all right there,” said Connor Swegle, co-founder and CMO of Priority.

Priority has used pop-ups to show off new products, highlight testimonials, offer deals, and attract newsletter sign-ups. Some even combine these purposes.
Priority Bicycles
This pop-up does double duty: announcing the new Priority Eight model while collecting sign-ups for their mailing list. Wisepops’ all-in-one intuitive interface made that combination possible without requiring hours of fussing over HTML, leaving the Priority team to focus on attracting visitors’ attention and driving conversion instead.

If you’re like most e-shop owners, a key element of your marketing plan is to draw attention to special deals or bundles. Priority Bicycles is no different.
“When you’re looking at the website itself, it can be an ordeal to really draw attention to a special we have running. Wisepops lets us do that quickly and dynamically,” Swegle said.

From a coupon for $100 off to a more elaborate Black Friday contest, Priority has a lot of flexibility in which promotions to highlight and what information to collect. The call-to-action is made clear, and customers can easily buy in or sign up.

When you’re looking to establish trust in your brand, social proof is huge. But very few customers immediately click on a designated testimonial page. Priority Bicycles used a pop-up that featured their accolades, which solved that dilemma and enticed visitors to stay on their website beyond the initial clickthrough.
Priority Bicycles 5
A “highlight reel” pop-up like this one doesn’t bombard users with a call-to-action first thing, but rather focuses on creating trust and a deeper relationship. From here, visitors are more likely to convert and purchase because Priority’s brand has sparked their interest and proven its credibility.

“What I like about Wisepops is that it does exactly what it’s supposed to do. It doesn’t have all of this extra functionality thrown in that you don’t really need,” Smegle said.

That simplicity comes from Wisepops’ pricing plans. While each level of pricing gets you features that match Priority’s design principles (affordable, comfortable, easy to use, visually appealing but not overly technical), the choice and flexibility between the Launch, Grow, and Rocket plans keeps functions to just the simple necessities so you can focus on your e-commerce.
Priority Bicycles 1
When your shop is powered by just a few pairs of hands, it’s a savvy choice to let someone else take the handlebars occasionally. For an easy all-in-one system, Priority uses Wisepops, and you can too.
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Benjamin Cahen Experienced entrepreneur, Ex-Amazon, Ex-VC, Ben is founder & CEO at Wisepops.

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