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Build beautiful popups, in minutes.

Drag and drop your elements to build your popup. Customize everything from the size to the colors to the position and the effects. You are 100% in control. Take it further with custom CSS.


Create popups to support all your goals

Text, images, videos, iframes, raw HTML, etc. There's no limit to the kind of content you can add to your popup.

Design a perfect mobile experience

It takes only a few clicks to adapt your campaign to mobile devices.

60 ready-to-use templates

You don't have to start from scratch. Our default templates provide a stylish base to build from.

Email Popup Templates

Display your popup at the right time

Benefit from 6 different triggers to choose from (landing, exit, scroll, etc.). You can also select the page or group of pages your campaign will appear on.


Segment your visitors in just a few clicks

Select which visitors should see your campaign and in what conditions. Refine your targeting by source of traffic, device, session history, geolocation and more.

Set how many times your campaigns will be seen

Choose how frequently your users will see your popup and when they should stop seeing it.

Be contextual

Leverage Wisepops’s unique contextual targeting feature to use your own user attributes or variables to adapt your targeting.


Measure your performance

No more guesswork! Monitor displays, clicks, emails and conversions in real-time. With our goal tracking feature, follow how Wisepops contributes to conversions and revenue.


Iterate with A/B testing

Create popup experiments with one click, get a precise performance report for each variant... And iterate.

Connect Wisepops with Google Analytics

Use our GA integration to measure Wisepops’ impact on your visitors’ flow (e.g., monitor the impact of your new exit popup on your conversion rate in 3 clicks).


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