Design Beautiful Email Popups for Your Shopify Store

A popup on Tigerlily's website

If you’re like most Shopify users, chances are you’re not converting more than 3% of your visitors into buyers.

What should you do with the 97% of visitors who don’t buy from you? Let them navigate away from your website and risk losing them forever?

Wisepops makes it super easy to convert these users into subscribers that you can turn into buyers later with email marketing. Turn as much as 15% of your visitors into newsletter subscribers (the average is 5.9%).
Ready to supercharge your store? Let’s see how our Shopify email popups can help.

How to Create an Email Popup for Your Shopify Store

  1. Create an account on Wisepops.
  2. Design your email popup.
  3. Set up our Shopify app.
  4. Select which users should see the campaign (ex: New visitors only? Users with items in their cart?)
  5. Turn on your campaign and start collecting new subscribers.
  6. Monitor your results and follow your performance.

Why Wisepops?

User-Friendly Builder

Designing unique popups requires only a few drag and drops.

Contextual Targeting

Rely on Shopify-specific targeting options (cart value, item count, and more) to adapt your campaigns to your users.

Revenue Tracking

Know exactly how many purchases and how much revenue your popups generated.

Expert Team

Rely on an experienced and dedicated support team.

Four Tips to Create the Best Email Popup for Your Shopify Store

Pick a Convincing Offer

Incentives play a key role when it comes to convincing someone to join your newsletter.
Here’s a quick illustration in the form of an ABCD test run by one of our customers (who happens to be one of the largest Shopify stores).

Popup ab test results

The version with the $7 off coupon attracted four times more subscribers.
Of course, you don’t have to use coupons. One of our customers is offering to let his visitors win $100 worth of products. The results speak for themselves — almost one visitor in five joins his newsletter:

The results of an email popup featuring a giveaway

Free shipping offers or the opportunity to receive exclusive content can also work well.

Don’t forget to put yourself in your users’ shoes. What could convince you to subscribe if you were a first-time visitor?

Use Psychology

A good copy will help a great deal as well.
One of the most successful strategies our Shopify customers have been using is the fear of missing out. To use this strategy, a few techniques are helpful:

  • Suggest scarcity: use words such as “exclusive” and “limited offer” to convince the user the offer is limited and shouldn’t be missed.
  • Picture a community: expressions such as “Join our community,” and “Join the gang” can help suggest the subscriber will join a group. If he doesn’t…well, he might miss something.
  • Instill urgency: “Our offer for new visitors” or “Limited-time offer” can spur the user to act immediately.

Fulton and Roark's popup

A Shopify email popup example playing on the FOMO.

Segment Your Campaigns

You probably have a few different types of users visiting your website. They’re interested in different products and have different expectations. So why should you serve them the same popup?

Creating multiple campaigns will help you adapt to your diverse targets and improve your campaign’s performance. A first step can be to display a different popup in each product category.

You can also adapt your campaigns to your users’ behavior and display popups when the user matches specific conditions (for example, on exit when she has items in the cart).


Rome wasn’t built in a day. Your popup marketing strategy won’t be either.
Take time to test your popups. Do they perform best when displayed on landing? On exit?
Does their position on the screen affect their results? What kind of campaign speaks best to mobile visitors?

A/B tests will help you find the answer to these questions.

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