How to Create Shopify Exit Popups


Want to create a Shopify exit intent popup?

These kind of popups enable you to display messages to your visitors just before they leave. They could be something like “Save your cart and come back later;” “Here is a coupon if you order within 24 hours;” “Your order is not completed yet,” etc. These messages can help you retain up to 15% of leaving visitors.

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How to Add an Exit Popup to Your Shopify Store

  1. Create an account on Wisepops.
  2. Design your campaign using our drag and drop editor.
  3. Select the exit intent trigger.
  4. Set who should see your popup.
  5. Set up our Shopify app.
  6. Turn on your campaign; it’s live instantly.
  7. Track your results and A/B testing.

Why create Shopify exit popup with Wisepops?

Advanced targeting

Wisepops helps you control who will see your exit popup and where. We offer you more than thirty targeting options to make sure you deliver the best message to the best user, at the best moment.

Deep Shopify integration

Wisepops is super easy to set up. The integration goes further with the option to target specific cart values, display a message on items priced above a given threshold, welcome users who already bought from you, etc.

Fits in your marketing stack

Wisepops integrates natively with the most popular email marketing tools.

Advanced reporting

We let you track the number of sales your campaigns generated, so you know exactly what your Shopify exit popups are worth for your business.

Tips to create the best Shopify exit popup for your store

Put yourself in your visitors’ shoes

When preparing your Shopify exit popup, think as a user. You’re about to leave your website; what could drive you to subscribe? What could convince you to stay on the page instead of leaving the website? Use what you know about your visitors. If they’re bargain hunters, use a coupon. If they’re fashionistas, propose styling tips. If they’re photography addicts, offer them a free ebook containing the best photography tips, etc.

Design large campaigns

Remember, the user will see your campaign a few milliseconds before confirming his intention to leave your website. You need a Shopify exit popup design that will catch your user’s attention (first step) and convince him that there is something worth staying for (second step). First condition for your popup to work? It needs to be extra visible. The user should NOT miss your message.

Make the design reflect your brand

Your visitors need to understand that your popup is part of your website. Otherwise, it could be confused with an ad. Use visuals, logos and colors that reinforce your website identity.

Create more than one campaign

Should your users see the same popup whether they exit your website on a product page or on the cart page? Of course not! You need to create multiple exit campaigns to better adapt to your users’ situation. A user exiting from your cart page is probably worth more to your business and may deserve a stronger incentive than a user on your homepage.

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