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This Simple Optin Tweak Generated $2,349 Extra Revenue

This story is by long-time Wisepops customer and founder of Funky Christmas Jumpers, Fabio Molle.
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As the founder of an ecommerce company that only does business for three months out of the year, I’m frantic about gaining as much traction, as quickly as possible. Which is why simple optin tweaks can make all the difference when it comes to our yearly revenue.
At Funky Christmas Jumpers, we play with and test headlines, offers and sweater designs. The ultimate goal is to get as many visitors on our list as possible so we can crush it during the holiday season.
Our list is the most valuable piece of our business.

One Simple Optin Tweak Can Make Or Break A Business

Ugly Christmas Sweaters
As you might guess, ugly Christmas sweaters don’t sell during most of the year. But starting mid-October, it’s all hands on deck.
Every year we launch around 15 new designs. Everything from The Missing Elf jumper to the Christmas Cat tee. But unless someone is already aware of our brand, it’s unwise to rely on customers stumbling across our website, especially during such a narrow period of time.
But if we have their email address? That’s a totally different story.
From January through October, is live and shoppable. Customers can order if they’d like, but they often don’t (April isn’t the most popular time to buy a Santa sweater). But if a visitor does search for Christmas sweaters and does land on our site, we consider them hot leads. They’re targeted and valuable and even if they’re not ready to order in April, we want their info. It might not be time to buy just yet, but it will be.
This is why it’s so important for us to capture them as soon as they land. By October, we want to let customers know our new designs are available. So if you want your sweater in time for Christmas, order now.

How We Grow Our List Using Pop-Ups

We’ve been in business for eight years. In that time, we’ve tried every tactic to capture email addresses.
For our business, each new email address is worth around $2.17. Meaning if we get 10,000 subscribers, that’s an extra $21,700 through email alone. It’s a no-brainer that we focus on getting as many emails as we can, even if it means spending money to get them.
One way we collect more emails is through Wisepops.
We’ve been using Wisepops since the beginning (editor’s note: Fabio was our 30th customer back in the day!).
We know that to collect as many emails as possible, we have to offer something valuable in return. We offered coupons, free shipping and – at one point – a free jumper every month. That last one resulted in a ton of sign ups, but wasn’t the best way to grow sales long term. People waited to win instead of opting to buy. We gave away so many jumpers that there wasn’t enough incentive to actually buy.
Funky Christmas Jumpers pop-up
Our optin tweak? We took it back to basics. Our pop-up promoted one free jumper, announced at the same time as our new designs.

Over half our traffic comes from smartphones, so we created one pop-up for desktop and one for mobile.
We kept our display scenarios pretty simple. The pop-up was displayed on landing after an 8 second delay. It showed on all pages, meaning even if a user landed on a specific jumper design (say, if they clicked), the pop-up would still display. We were pretty aggressive with the pop-up, displaying every 30 minutes. If users visited again after hour (or the next day), we always asked for their email address.
We collected over 500 emails in the months that followed, adding an extra $2,000 to our bank account. Our mobile pop-up collected twice as many emails as the desktop version.

Why this was our most successful pop-up

On October 15, we emailed our list to announce our official launch. We included links and photos of our new designs and—drumroll please—the winner of our giveaway.
We chose our winner via random number generator. After we notified the winner , we let our list in on the surprise. This accomplishes two things:

  1. Lets customers know they didn’t win, so if they still want a sweater they’re going to have to buy one.
  2. Creates a sense of goodwill. Too often people sign up for contests and never hear back. Their entry enters a black hole and it doesn’t feel great.  We weren’t going to be that company, so we let every subscriber know we keep our promises.

Once we send out our launch email, we revert back to our regular email marketing. This includes everything from weekly blog posts, coupon codes, sale notifications, and more.

To Recap: Our optin tweaks for a successful product launch

  • Separate mobile and desktop pop-ups.
  • Create a valuable offer to encourage sign ups (but don’t make the giveaway too extreme).
  • When holding a contest, notify everyone of the winner.
  • Once you launch , keep those emails coming.

Have any simple tweaks changed your business?

If you have any success or failure stories because of simple tweak? Whether it was your optin offer or for your business as a whole, we want to hear about it. Tiny changes can have huge impact. Tell us your story in the comments!
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