Create Beautiful Squarespace Popups
in Just a Few Clicks

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Squarespace makes it ridiculously easy to build a website. Long gone is the time when you had to learn HTML, CSS or javascript (or spend hundreds of dollars on a developer) to go online.
They also made it possible to create stunning websites without any design knowledge (remember when you had to hire a designer to create your theme?).

We applied the same philosophy to popups. With Wisepops, you don’t have to know code or have design skills to create popups for your Squarespace site.

What are popups worth if they are not displayed to the right person at the right time? Well, not much, according to A/B tests run by our customers. That’s why we offer more than thirty targeting options to make sure you never miss your target.

We also let you know precisely how popups contribute to growing your business with advanced reporting options and Google Analytics integration.

Let’s discuss in detail how Wisepops can help.

Email Popup Templates

How to Create a Squarespace Popup

  1. Sign up on Wisepops.
  2. Embed Wisepops code in Squarespace.
  3. Design your popup using our drag and drop editor.
  4. Prepare your display scenario.
  5. Activate your campaign, and it’s live instantly!

Use Cases

Collect emails

What if you could convert up to 15% of your visitors into subscribers? That’s exactly what we allow you to do.

Create exit popups

Retain your visitors just before they leave. Increasing your website’s conversion rate has never been easier.

Boost your sales

Create promotional popups in just a few clicks and drive traffic to the sections of your website which will benefit your business the most.

Get your visitors’ point of view

Create surveys and contact forms with our drag and drop editor.

Why Wisepops?

Works great with Squarespace

Wisepops takes a simple copy and paste to set up on Squarespace.

Fits in your email stack

We offer all the options you need to send your new emails to your email marketing tool, whether it be MailChimp, Sendgrid, Infusionsoft or any other solution.

Zero code

Forget about HTML, CSS, jQuery. Wisepops doesn’t require any of them.

Drag and drop editor

We know you don’t have time to learn code. That’s why our editor requires zero HTML or coding knowledge.

Detailed reporting

Follow your performance daily, campaign by campaign and measure exactly how your campaigns are helping you grow your email list and revenue.

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