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Wisepops is the flexible popup builder you need. In a rush? Pick one of our 80 pro-looking templates and customize it in just a few clicks. Feeling creative? Leverage more than 50 design options to create a popup that looks unique.

Looking to adapt your message and timing to your visitors? Our targeting engine lets you select when your popup will appear, where it will display and what kind of visitors should see it. Generating high-quality leads has never been easier.

Interested? Read on. You’ll discover why Wisepops is the best Sumome alternative.

Email Popup Templates

Wisepops vs. Sumo

Flexible builder

Let’s face it. Your popup’s design reflects your brand. And no one likes 90s-looking popups. Wisepops equips you with a powerful drag-and-drop popup designer that allows you to create an eye-catching modal in under a minute. Plus we make it easy to match your design with your brand by adding your own font, colors, logo and visuals. And if you lack inspiration, we provide 80 templates to start from.

Advanced targeting

If you already have experience with popups, you must know that timing and segmentation are key. Display your message too early and your message will fall flat. Display it too late and your visitors might be gone already. Wisepops makes it easy to select when the popup will appear, on which pages, devices, location, etc. Looking to reach your mobile visitors based in Chicago? All done in two clicks. Spanish-speaking visitors landing on your homepage? Easy!

Best-in-class ecommerce integration

If you’re in ecommerce, Wisepops lets you create campaigns that will help you boost your revenue, retain abandoning visitors and grow your email list. Our integrations with Shopify and Magento allow you to target specific segments of your traffic (VIP customers, abandoning visitors, etc.) without writing a single line of code. Our goal tracking option lets you follow the contributions of your popups to your store’s revenue.

Shopify integration

Not just email popups

Sumo made a name for itself as one of the best lead generation tools. At Wisepops, we’re convinced that popups can help you boost your business in more ways than just email collection. Our tool can also help you create survey popups, share a video or announce your latest promotion elegantly, all without the help of a designer or a developer.

Dynamic content

Most popups look the same for all visitors. Not anymore! With Wisepops, you can personalize your popups using your client’s first name, their loyalty status or any other detail that you know about them. The results? Messages that feel more personalized and convert better.

Professional live support

If you’ve ever tried to get in touch with Sumo’s support team, you already know that email is usually not the best channel to fix a problem. That’s why we provide live chat and phone assistance. Furthermore, there’s no separation between the support team and the rest of the company. People who assist you are popup experts who know their thing.

Integrates with your email solution

Wisepops integrates with most email marketing solutions. We also have the fastest email synchronization time on the market: it usually takes less than a second between the moment your visitor submits her contact details and the moment it arrives in your email platform. We also identify your new subscribers in real time to make sure you can send personalized emails based on their behavior on your website — even if it’s their first visit on your website.

No more guesswork

Wisepops includes all the options you need to make the most of your campaigns: A/B test your popups in two clicks, follow their performance on a daily basis, track them in Google Analytics, etc. You can also link your campaigns to Facebook Ads to track how many leads your ads contributed to generating.

Reliable and fast

Popups are an essential part of a website. If your popups don’t work, it’s likely to affect your entire business. That’s why we implemented a reliable and scalable infrastructure that allows you to load your popups fast – wherever your visitor is based — and never let you down.

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