Use Cases Part 1

Build a huge mailing list

Visitors are 10x more likely to subscribe via an email pop­up.

  • Create and promote incentive offers like ebooks, courses, webinars and coupons
  • Welcome new visitors with a special message
  • Gate pages with mandatory sign up
  • Target visitors from AdWords, mobile, and more
Grow My List

Use Cases Part 2

Boost Sales

Promoting sales, coupons, and products via pop-up raises awareness by up to 80%.

  • Highlight new products
  • Display coupons to targeted visitors
  • Promote limited-time sales
Boost Sales

Use Cases Part 3

Harness targeted messages

Targeted messages make your audience more engaged, converting at almost 2x the rate.

  • Target by location, operating system, device, language and referral site
  • Increase ROI on AdWords campaigns
  • Familiarize international visitors with shipping terms
  • Welcome visitors from partner websites
Engage My Audience

Use Cases Part 4

Convert Abandoning Visitors

Exit overlays give visitors a last­ chance offer without distractions.

  • Decrease abandoned carts
  • Convert leads into paying customers with a last-chance discount
  • Increase subscribers with a contest or giveaway
  • Suggest similar or related products
Convert More Visitors

Use Cases Part 5

Leverage community

Encourage loyalty among audience and customers.

  • Collect user feedback
  • Increase social sharing
  • Promote new videos
  • Publicize upcoming events
Leverage My Community