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Carving up 3 received ideas about why you should not use Pop-Ups on your website

I have run a ecommerce website for 5 years, and worked with hundreds of web entrepreneurs and marketers. We all know how huge amount of time, work, and money is needed to get new visitors. However I am always surprised on how we naturally focus more on getting new visitors than on improving conversions. Visitors are so hard to get, we can not afford not to maximize chances to convert them. Popups offer an amazing way to feature one clear call to action to our visitors. If they take the action it, it’s a win. If they don’t, well, at least we have asked. And at the end of the day, you get lot of wins. How can we be so sure? We see this every day on thousands of websites. And since we also know why you may hesitate to use pop ups, and here is our view on the most common received ideas.
Received idea #1: If I display a popup my visitors will be disturbed and leave.
False. There is no correlation between the bounce rate and the use of a popup. This has been tested over and over, and you can test it too. What will happen if your visitors do not like the popup? They will do what we all do when we are not interested, they will close it. Not leave your website. And that’s probably what more than 90% of your visitors will do. Others won’t, and this is a huge opportunity you can not just waist.
Received idea #2: I have already optimized my landing page for conversions, no need to add a popup.
That’s great if 90% of your visitors land on your landing page. But unless if you are a one page start-up, it’s quite certain than more than 50% (80%?) land on your other pages (products pages, posts pages, etc.). You want to reach those visitors too, and popups give you this opportunity.
Received idea #3: If my visitors do not convert, it is because they are not interested.
Again, false. You do not have 99% visitors not interested and 1% who converts. You have 80% not interested, 20% interested, and 1% who convert. Improving conversions is only about learning on how to deal with those 20% of interested-hesitating visitors. And my two major learnings / pieces of advice are 1) if you want your visitors to do something, ask; and 2) make it easy for them to do it. I believe a popup is the best way to ask, and the easiest way for visitors to take action.
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Benjamin Cahen Experienced entrepreneur, Ex-Amazon, Ex-VC, Ben is founder & CEO at Wisepops.

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