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Why pop-ups are one of the best ecommerce tool – part 1

1. Pop-ups brings RESULTS : there are a lot of tools that claim to improve conversion rate. Don’t ask why, most of the time when you test it on your website it doesn’t work as good. Pop-ups works. We have tested it on our former website and it multiplied by 2,5x our sign ups. You can see a lot of such case studies on the web. Just an example here on Experian with SportChalet
2. Pop-ups brings results IMMEDIATELY : no data collect period, no it-needs-three-months-for-SEO-to-improve.  Pop-ups brings results as soon as you start using it.
3. Pop-ups brings your content to the FRONT ROW : pop-up is the only tool that helps you promote a message to all your visitors (or the one you target). It give to your content a better visibility than a slider, a banner, or any other widget.
4. Pop-ups helps you promote what is IMPORTANT TO YOU : you can use pop-up to promote newsletter sign-up, facebook connect, fanpages, mobile application, marketing campaigns such as contests, whitepaper download, customer service, etc. You can just promote anything that is important to you, depending on your goals and your strategy.
5. Pop-ups are USED BY THE BESTS : forget what you think you know about pop-ups. People just tend to make confusion between those pop-ups that were used to promote ads on websites all the time with the pop-ups you use to promote your content on your website. We estimate around 20% of websites use them. In those 20% you will find some of the best pure players in e-commerce (See our “X loves pop-ups gallery”). You can be sure that if it had bad results they would not. They use it because it works terribly well and they know it. So test it.

Benjamin Cahen Experienced entrepreneur, Ex-Amazon, Ex-VC, Ben is founder & CEO at Wisepops.

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