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Wise theory about pop-up, ecommerce and conversions

I have 5 years experience in ecommerce. 5 years wondering how to improve conversion rate. 5 years testing (all) ways to increase traffic / sales / sign ups. My team and I have spent hundreds of thousands euros in marketing investments, and always measured the ROI. I have never used a tool that had such an impact (ROI) as pop-ups. (cf +200% sign up in one day – and the same article part 2 )
The reason I see is that it helps you talk to the 95-99% visitors that you are not converting, ie that are not taking an action you want on your website :

  • Some visitors will never search for the sign up page on your website. Yet, if you prompt them with a sign up screen they will do
  • Some visitors will not search for your on going coupons or offers. Yet, if you inform them they will love to use it !
  • Some visitors will not proactively like your page. Yet if you ask them to support you they proudly will !
  • Some visitors will not search for customer service. Yet if you suggest they will call !

Visitors are people, and you know that people (we) are lazy. They will not explore your website, unless you show them the way. They will not search for information, they will not try to understand your site : they will not do this job.
You need to tell them what you want them to do. Yes, push marketing works.
Pop-ups are the best way to push information to your visitors. Using a pop-up  you are sure that 90% of your visitors will get the information you want (this ratio is more around 30% with side bars, etc.).
This is why if you don’t ask your visitors to sign up, 1% will do.
If you ask them through a pop-up, 3-5% will do.
Pop-ups is the best tool to call visitors to action. And conversions result from a call to action.

Benjamin Cahen Experienced entrepreneur, Ex-Amazon, Ex-VC, Ben is founder & CEO at Wisepops.

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