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Wisepops online soon !

We are currently testing the pre-prod version fo Wisepops. We are working very intensively to launch our service soon, as we want it to be perfect ! What we can already say is that Wisepops will bring an amazing tool to create, manage and track pop-ups. It is simple, very easy to use, and it brings a high ROI. Wisepops has three major features :

Pop-up stats wisepops

1. The WisePop Editor: to create and design beautiful pop-ups in just a few secs. You can customize look & feel, fonts, borders, background, (…), or you can add your own HTML code. Publish, and it’s online !
2. The Display Scenario Editor: to set up exactly how, when and to who your pop-up will be displayed. This is a very powerful tool, that helps you target your trafic with specific messages, and maximize ROI.
3. The Statistics tool: this is something most of the websites (even the biggest) never have when they develop their own pop-ups. Our Statistic tool allows you to follow clicks, views, and CTR on the time period you want. It helps you track and evaluate your ROI for every pop-up you create.
That’s enough for the moment, we willget back with more soon !

Benjamin Cahen Experienced entrepreneur, Ex-Amazon, Ex-VC, Ben is founder & CEO at Wisepops.

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