Create WooCommerce Exit Intent Popups That Convert

woocommerce exit popup example

Looking for a powerful solution to stop your visitors before they leave your website or abandon their cart? Meet Wisepops, the most powerful WooCommerce popup plugin. Design exit popups in under a minute. Segment them by page, device, geolocation, cart content, etc. A/B test your campaigns and follow their results with detailed reporting.

Let’s see how Wisepops can help you supercharge your WooCommerce store.

How to Add an Exit Popup to Your WooCommerce Store

  1. Register on Wisepops.
  2. Design your exit campaign.
  3. Select its triggers and audience.
  4. Set up our WordPress plugin.
  5. Activate your campaign and start retaining visitors instantly.

Why Wisepops?

User-Friendly Drag-and-Drop Builder

Design all kinds of exit offers. Your creativity is your only limitation.

Best-in-Class Targeting

Adapt your campaigns to your visitors’ behavior to reach them when they’re most likely to convert. Never miss your target with our 30+ targeting options.


Follow your campaigns’ revenue and calculate the ROI for each of your campaigns.

Passionate Team

No question is too hard for our support team. Try us!

Four Exit Popups Hacks That Will Boost Your Campaign Performance

Create One Campaign for Each of Your Goals

You may have different objectives for your campaigns: survey the visitors of your homepage to understand why they stopped their navigation there, convince the visitors of your product pages to subscribe to your newsletter, retain the users about to exit the checkout process, etc. Create a unique campaign for each of these different objectives.

Create an Eye-Catching Design

Exit intent offers appear at the last minute, literally. If you want to stop your users before they leave, don’t be too subtle. Use a straight-in-the-face design that your visitors can’t miss.

Pick Strong Incentives

Again, exit popups are your last chance. Add an extra incentive to them — it will make your visitors think twice before leaving you. Coupons or drawings can help you convince even the most reluctant users.

Sync Your Campaigns

If you’re displaying email popups on exit, sync them with your email marketing tool to start making the most of them instantly. Don’t wait until they’ve forgotten about your website to contact them.

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