6 Inspiring WooCommerce Popup Campaigns to Supercharge Your Store

WooCommerce currently powers 28% of all e-commerce websites (according to WooCommerce), making it one of the leading e-commerce software providers.

If you are a WooCommerce store owner, popups should be part of your marketing strategy. Here’s why:

  • On average email popups allow you to triple the number of emails you collect
  • Popups can also help boost your conversion rate (read how one of our customers increased his conversion rates by 15%)
  • They are also an excellent way to recover abandoned carts

To help your kick start WooCommerce popup message strategy we gathered four campaigns from top WooCommerce stores and dissected what made them so good.

The simple WooCommerce popup message

a woocommerce popup on BoodyWear

Source: boodywear.com

Targeting: displayed to new visitors on landing, this simple email popup allows the website to catch new visitors before they get a chance to leave. It also helps convert new visitors into shoppers.
Copy: the headline is very catchy and highlights a clear benefit for new subscribers.
Design: both the overlay and the popup match the website color and graphic identity: the popup doesn’t breach user navigation. The call-to-action is very visible.

WooCommerce popup message for exit

an exit popup example on overclothing.com

Source: overclothing.com

Trigger: displayed on exit, this popup catches the visitors before they navigate away (statistically, exit popups outperform landing popups so, in terms of conversion rate, it’s a good idea)
Copy: the headline is simple and straightforward.
Design: again this exit popup matches the website’s identity perfectly. Dimming the background allows the user to focus on the popup.

The sweepstakes popup

a sweepstakes popup example on a woocommerce website: underwearexpert.com

Source: underwearexpert.com

Trigger: displayed to all visitors on landing, the popup reaches the largest possible audience.
Copy: the headline is clear and appealing. The note below the call-to-action contributes to reassure the user.
Design: the big photo helps the users picture the prize. The overall design is simple and focuses the attention on the headline.

The lead magnet WooCommerce popup message

Lead magnet example woocommerce

Source: cymatics.fm

Trigger: the popup appears when the user clicks a call-to-action to download a freebie.
Copy: The headline clearly reminds the user of the freebie. The call-to-action also insists on the download rather than the sign-up. The privacy notice helps to sweep the last objections aside.
Design: The design of this WooCommerce pop up message is very simple and matches the website’s visual identity.

The call-to-action popup message on WooCommerce

A call-to-action popup example on qwic.nl, an ecommerce website running on WordPress/WooCommerce

Source: qwic.nl

Trigger: the call-to-action appears as soon as the user lands on the website. The popup itself is displayed only when the visitors click the call-to-action.
Design: The mail icon is very simple and non-intrusive. Yet, its bright colors make it highly visible.

The announcement WooCommerce popup message

A simple announcement popup displayed on WooCommerce-powered website Femme&Fierce

Source: femmeandfierce.nl

Trigger: the popup is displayed when the visitor opens the homepage.

Copy: the popup features a catchy headline followed by a short message. Simple and efficient!

Design: The two-columns design allowed Femme & Fierce’s team to add an attractive visual taken from their new collection. The popup could be even better with a clear call-to-action.

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