Create the Best Exit Popup for Your WordPress Site

If you’re managing a WordPress website, exit popups are your best ally. They can help you, among other things, collect more emails (expect three times more emails than with a traditional signup form), survey your visitors or increase the average session duration.

Let me introduce Wisepops, the best exit popup builder for WordPress. Benefit from a user-friendly popup designer, a top-notch targeting engine, and detailed reporting.

Let’s review how Wisepops can contribute to your site’s success.

How to Add an Exit Popup to Your Wordpress website

  1. Create an account on Wisepops.
  2. Design your popup in Wisepops and select the “Exit” trigger.
  3. Set up the script using our WordPress plugin.
  4. Turn on your campaign; it’s live instantly!

Why Wisepops?

Top-Notch Display Scenario Builder

Deliver the best message to the best user with our 30+ targeting options. Segmenting your campaigns has never been easier.

User-Friendly Campaign Builder

Stop using premade templates. Design popups that are you own in just a few clicks.

Transparent Reporting

Track your results. Activate our Google Analytics integration to get the full picture.

Advanced Support

Get help when you need it.

Exit Popup Use Cases

Exit popups are especially recommended to:

  • Collect emails or leads without interrupting (or annoying) your visitors during their navigation. Your popup probably won’t display until they’ve had plenty of time to browse your website. As a result, they know what it is about, and your chances that they’ll share their email address are higher.
  • Survey your visitors after they’ve browsed your site. Again, it makes more sense to display a survey right before users leave your website. They’ll likely have more to say than if the survey was displayed on the first page they viewed.
  • Redirect your users to a different section of your site (you could, for example, redirect your users from a blog post to a product page).
  • Increase session duration by suggesting other pages to consult. Again, the process is perfectly natural: the user is through reading the current page. Why not suggest related pages for him to read?

How to Create the Best Exit Popup

Think Big

Remember, your visitors are about to leave. So don’t design a popup that’s subtle or discrete; you need a right-in-your-face kind of design. This is your last chance to engage them.

Pick either a full-screen popup or use a lightbox effect to cover the page.

Speed Matters

Optimize your popup to make sure it loads super fast. Compress your visuals, use an optimized popup plugin and test it. Every second counts!

Segment Your Campaigns

Don’t display the same campaign on every page. Adapt your popup copy and incentive to the context in which it’s displayed. Here’s an example on Esquire: they display an exit popup inviting visitors to download styling tips on the pages related to men’s fashion.

An exit popup on

You can reproduce the same kind of strategy on WordPress by segmenting your campaigns by:

  • Author
  • Tag
  • Category
  • Keyword (in that case you can display your campaign only on pages which contain a specific keyword)

Test Your Design

Let’s be honest here. Most popups users don’t find the magic formula overnight. Get ready to test your popups.

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