Create WordPress Lightbox Popups That Convert

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Lightbox popups are powerful, no doubt about that. But without control, power is nothing.

Let me introduce Wisepops, the best WordPress popup plugin.

Rely on our unrivaled targeting engine to display your lightbox campaigns at the right time to the right user. Design unique popups in under a minute with our user-friendly campaign builder. Discover how they perform with a clear and transparent report.
Interested? Let’s see how Wisepops can help you supercharge your WordPress site.

How to Add a Lightbox Popup to Your Wordpress website

  1. Create a free trial account on Wisepops.
  2. Design your popup and activate the overlay (you can also use one of our lightbox templates).
  3. Select which visitors should see your campaign and in what conditions.
  4. Set up our WordPress plugin.
  5. Activate your campaign. You’re done!

Why Wisepops?

Best Targeting Engine

Our display scenario builder makes it easy to reach the right visitors at the right time.

Flexible Builder

Create unique designs which blend with your website and reinforce your brand.

Transparent Reporting

Measure the results of your efforts precisely, from clicks to actual conversions.

Advanced Support

Our team of experts is always there for you.

Four Lightbox Popup Hacks That Will Help You Get More Conversions

Invest in Your Lightbox Design

Visuals, colors and other graphic elements matter — a great deal. Design popups that are eye-catching, unique and user-friendly!

Create Multiple Campaigns

Chances are that you have more than one persona. Create different campaigns to speak to these different targets and segment them to make sure they are displayed to the right user.

Test Your Settings

Lightbox popups are powerful. But they can be annoying. Not everyone appreciates being interrupted during his navigation. Make sure you test your popup and monitor its impact on your overall conversion rate. If you’re using media, checking the average session duration can help as well.

Renew Your Creatives

Update your popups regularly to match the season and make sure your users don’t get tired of them. A popup is like your homepage; it should reflect your users’ interests at that moment.

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